Workout trends come and go but it looks like CrossFit is here to stay. This exercise philosophy has helped a lot of people get into better shape and, more importantly, improve their overall health. And anybody who takes classes at a CrossFit gym probably knows that if you really want to accomplish your fitness goals it is just as important to supplement your gym workouts with some home workouts too.  After all, even the most organized person cannot always get to the gym; and sometimes you just want to get in a quick workout without having to go through the trouble of making it to the gym.

For your home gym, then, make sure you have the following pieces of Structure sur mesure pour entrainement to maintain your CrossFit workouts.Image result for 5 Essential CrossFit For Your Home Gym


The Olympic Barbell is really the end-all in terms of CrossFit. Most gyms—CrossFit or otherwise—substantially rely on this simple piece of equipment. Indeed, the Olympic Barbell could be the single most important piece of equipment as it not only allows you to do many lifts but you can also adjust the weights, of course, to adapt the workouts as your strength.

The standard Olympic Barbell weighs 15 kg for women and 20 kg for men.  Also, women’s barbells tend to be slightly smaller since women tend to have smaller hands.  Finally, make sure to avoid a bar that has a tensile strength of 150,000 psi but no knurling.


As mentioned above, the barbell is important because it is versatile and adaptable.  As you get stronger, you are going to need more—and heavier—bumper plates.  Sure, you could use the classic iron plates, but bumper plates are actually more affordable and durable.


If you visit a CrossFit gym you will see many piped racks that look kind of like different versions of monkey bars, etc.  There are many ways you can situate and set these up but the bottom line is that these racks let you perform gravity/body weight exercises, and in the safest conditions possible.


A plyometric box is also remarkably simple when you consider how versatile it is.  Use these boxes of varying heights (from 12” to 24”) to do standing jumps and other exercises. Add a medicine ball to increase your weight.


And speaking of the medicine ball, this is another home CrossFit essential. The medicine ball can add weight and complexity to so many basic workouts that will help you get faster and more noticeable results.