The most common reason why we have pain in our feet or develop bad feet conditions is that we are unable to choose the proper footwear for ourselves. If you want, you can contact for sports podiatry Bondi Junction by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, especially if you are an athlete or you lead an active life in general.

When you step on hot sand or you walk on a hard surface, you will surely realize how important shoes are in our lives. Well, as much as they are important, it is also important that you wear the proper footwear for your feet unless you want to have regular podiatrist visits and painful feet.

Worn-out shoes serve no purpose. Throw them out!

  1. The same size as High school?

Because of the fact that our arch is gradually falling over time, it will cause your feet to spread and this means that your feet size might go up as you age, and this means that if you are wearing the same size of shoes in your 40s as you did in your 20s, then you might need to change. For those who need some help, you can contact a podiatrist and ask him to measure your feet.

  1. The tip of your shoes

While having shoes that fit perfectly is important, perfectly does not mean that your feet should not have room to breathe. If your shoes make your toes touch the end of them, then they are not your size. It is important that you are able to wiggle your toes in any shoes freely, because, thorough the day, your feet will swell up since you spend your day standing in most cases.

  1. Blisters, toenail bruising or calluses

These injuries are a clear fact that the shoes you are wearing are not your size or are simply not meant for your feet in general. When your shoe is rubbing you the wrong way you usually present one of the above-mentioned conditions.

These conditions can cause your skin to get dry, to crack, thicken and swell up. If you develop any of the presented conditions above, it is important that you visit your podiatrist, and if you need a suggestion, just check out custom orthotics cost from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

Formal wear is not supposed to be the same size as your athletic shoes

  1. Aching arches at the end of your day

Any kind of feet pain at the end of the day may be a result of your shoes being the wrong size. When your shoes are too big, that can result in the muscles on the bottom of your feet to attempt to keep the arch up by tightening with each step you take, as these shoes will not give enough support that your feet obviously need.

  1. Old, worn-out shoes

You should already know that worn-out shoes are supposed to not even exist, as all the support that the shoes are supposed to give to your feet are also worn-out. If you walk about 10 miles a week, then you will have to swap your shoes in about nine to twelve months. Other ways you can tell your shoes are old is that they have a flat surface or are too creased.

Final word

The important thing here is still that you need to visit your podiatrist on time. A late podiatrist visit might be the reason for an even bigger pain that could have been avoided, so make sure to catch it on time, and do not ignore abnormal pain and swelling in your feet. Every pain has a reason behind it, so do not be lazy, and visit your podiatrist regularly.