The drug rehabilitation Waukegan knows that we all know that life can be stressful: financial struggles, relationship challenges, and a tough boss at work.  Stress can take an emotional toll and has been linked to many physical difficulties.  How we handle day-to-day stress might even affect the length of our lives.

But trauma is different.  Trauma is a sudden, uncontrolled and unpredictable, possibly catastrophic event.  A car accident.  The sudden death of a parent when we are young.  A school shooting.  Sexual assault.  To one degree or another, most people will experience at least a few traumatic events in life.  However, many young people who experience great or on-going trauma, will likely develop depression and/or substance use disorders.

Regardless of age, there are a few steps you can take for treating addiction and trauma.

Get Treatment After Trauma

There’s a reason you see a team of specialists arrive after a school shooting: getting treatment at a substance addiction Waukegan center immediately after experiencing a traumatic event has the greatest positive effect. In the case of an assault, a car accident, or any life-altering traumatic event, consider these points:

  • If someone confides in you, listen. Do not downplay the emotional impact your or another faces. Maybe you’ve experienced something similar and it was “no big deal,”but trauma effects different people differently.
  • Do not numb the pain, uproot it. When we react to stress or trauma by drinking or taking medication or other drugs, we demonstrate that numbing emotional pain handles the pain. It doesn’  While medication may sometimes be necessary, such as pain medicine after physical trauma, treatment should include a plan to not require long-term medication.  Studies have also found that occasional substance use can lead to addiction, after traumatic events.
  • Know that treatment can take time. There is no “magic pill”for recovery from trauma. If you know up front that recovery takes time, and in many cases forever alters the way you operate, think and function, you can approach recovery with the necessary patience.

Find the Right Facility

If you or someone you love struggles with addiction and has a history of trauma, you need to find the right facility.  A facility that can address both the addiction and the trauma has the best chance of long-term addiction recovery at a drug rehab in Waukegan.  Any unnamed or unresolved dual diagnosis may interfere with treatment, if not addressed fully.  Group sessions should include others with similar experiences and/or co-occurring disorders.

Get the right help, right away.