The body works continuously to maintain the blood pH at approximately 7.3 (which is slightly alkaline). And food directly influences this factor, since the daily consumption of packaged, canned, refined and processed foods, animal proteins and sugars, promotes an acidifying effect on the body. The fact is that cellular reactions, beneficial gut bacteria, the entire immune system work best in an alkaline environment. To keep the body in this alkaline state, we depend on adjustments in food consumption, lifestyle and, consequently, in the emotional state.

Drink (lots) pure water

Generally speaking, we should at least tie the water consumption in ml to the caloric consumption of the day, 01 ml for 01 kcal. But we know that there are several situations that call for an increase in this consumption, such as: physical activity, consumption of nutritional supplements, food rich in proteins, etc. The idea is that the urine always has a clear appearance with a mild odor.

Start the day with a glass of lemon water

Although lemon is an acidic fruit, it helps to neutralize excess acidity in the body. If you have no stomach restrictions, start the day with a glass of warm water plus the juice of half a lemon. Drink this alkalizing drink in the morning on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before eating breakfast. Visit this site for more information.

Avoid sugar in its different forms

Cakes, cookies, ice cream, industrialized sweets should be absolutely eliminated from the menu. These foods are inflammatory and most of them have the aggravation of containing hydrogenated fat in their composition, which makes it a very effective agent in the body’s inflammatory process. Extremely acidic drink that disrupts the absorption of vitamins and minerals decalcifies the bones, contributes to gastric disorders, among other ailments.

Limit the amount of salt in the diet

The important thing is to avoid the refined and choose salt that offers minerals in its composition. To flavor foods, use and abuse condiments such as garlic, onions, fresh herbs, lemon, vinegar, peppers, wasabi, among many others.

Attention to dairy products

There is a lot of controversy here. In fact, it all comes down to how your body can absorb dairy products. Whole milk and cheese, as well as others, can be beneficial, although it is certainly not the most suitable when the intention is to keep the body in an alkaline environment. Its nutritional properties can be easily supplied by other functional foods, such as almonds, broccoli etc.

Practice exercises

Stress is man’s worst enemy. And we are currently experiencing an epidemic outbreak of anxiety. Physical exercise, in addition to strengthening bones, muscles, circulatory and respiratory systems, also treats the mind. It is the opportunity to relax, to feel alive through movement and to calm emotions through self-perception. The tip is: discover what brings you pleasure and dedicate yourself.

You will see that there are several recommendations on what not to consume and that some therapies that help the body maintain an alkaline environment are also disseminated. The consumption of lemon is one of them, as well as the use of baking soda.