Steroids were first invented so that they mimic the natural hormones of the body. These synthetic drugs would tell the brain what to do. Whenever there was a deficiency or any part of the body was setback, steroids would try to set it rightby getting the secretion right and recovery of the injured part.

As we all know that steroids are artificial chemicals which act like our hormones by increasing or decreasing its functions on the body.

It was also seen that it could make the brain in burning the fat cells which are very difficult to shed away and make people lose weight. In turn it helped convert the fat into muscle which can be toned and get a healthier and fitter body.

Results of steroids

Steroids avoid the break down make use of the proteins better by making more muscle mass and repairing the damaged ones and filling the it sarcoplasm. It is very effective in building mass, burning fat, increasing the performance levels of the users. It is also reported by Steroidly that it is quite helpful in retention of the lean muscle and burning of the fat. it helps faster protein synthesis, increasing nitrogen retention as well as increasing the red blood count in the body which in turn increases the oxygenating the cells in the blood.

Side effects of steroids

There are a number of side effects of using steroids

Such as-

There is a great damage to the liver, heart and kidney which are the vital organs of the body.They cause female characteristics in men such growth of breasts. There can be joint pains swelling in the ankles and feet.There is a decrease in libido and even shrinking of the testicles. Females have developed male characteristics such as deepening of the voice, enlarged clitoris and facial hair. It has also been seen that the user has experienced oily face and acne due to the use of steroids. There have users with insomnia, nausea, vomiting, dysentery, headaches, palpitations of the heart, breathlessness, irregular heart beat and many other symptoms.

Types of steroids

The classification of steroids is vast and there are so many variations based on- How it is consumed

  1. Oral, injectable, application based steroid etc. – How it is used
  2. Bulking steroids, cutting steroid, muscle building steroid, fat loss steroids – Other steroids
  3. Designer steroids, medical steroids, illegal steroids, expensive steroids, safe steroids etc – Most commonly used steroids
  4. Anadrol- mass and strength
  5. Anavar- increase metabolism and used in cutting cycles
  6. Decadurabolin- increase tissue growth and regeneration and recovery of cells.
  7. Dianabol- increase the strength and endurance of the muscles.
  8. Sustanon- helps in the conditioning of the muscles as well as increasing the strength.
  9. Testosterone cypionate- is good at enhancing metabolism and conditioning of the muscles.
  10. Testosterone enthanate- helps to retain muscle and tissue and also conditioning of the body.
  11. Winstrol- used for cutting cycles and is a good for increasing strength.

Last but not the least whether you are procuring the steroids from a reliable source and you are getting authentic stuff.