If you ask any woman for their choice of steroids then majority of them would prefer to name Anavar and due to this reason often this steroid is known as female steroid. It is much safer to use it as compared to any other steroids available in the market and practically you will not observe any side effects after its use. To be realistic you have to accept that every steroid may have certain side effects and Anavar is also not an exception to that. However, if you maintain right dosage then there is hardly any chance.

Anavar for women

If women are interested to add muscle to their figure then Anavar is the answer. It was developed in 1964 for the purpose of treating rapid weight loss and treatment of muscles. Anavar is an anabolic steroid and due to its almost negligible androgenic qualities, it is considered as the safest stack for women. Like most of other steroids, Anavar does not damage our liver. Its half life is merely 9 hours, which is considered to be too short. Therefore, it is recommended that Anavar must be taken twice a day to realize its effect.

Anavar is also sold under the name Oxandrolone, which has very low toxicity level and therefore its effect is also quite mild. The main reason women prefer this steroid is due to its very low or practically no androgenic properties. Also, the results among women body builders are observed much faster.

Anavar can also be used by males. However, if you look at its various benefits women will see the results more than men after going through its cycle, but there is a risk of virilization among women if it is used in irresponsible manner. If any sign of virilization is ever observed then it should be discontinued immediately, as there can be permanent damage if it is ignored.

What are the side effects on women?

Like any other drug, Anavar too has certain side effects that can be seen in both women as well as men. Certain side effects like clitomegaly are irreversible. Some people may have water retention, but it is very rare. By taking large dosage often people may get vomiting feeling or diarrhea.

Some women may lose interest in sex and suffer from insomnia, depression etc. Certain women may also get dermatologic effects like change in skin color or acne.