Your health is very important and eating right may not be enough thus you should consider exercise. There are so many exercising programs that you can indulge in that will help you get in shape or stay in shape.

Ever thought of bouncing? Crazy right? Yes, sounds like a fun play for the kids but even you can enjoy and use a Needak Rebounder as part of your exercise routine. So why a rebounder? What are its advantages?

Health benefits

  • The rebounder provides you with a good aerobic workout – this is a great way to burn calories fast without much effort.
  • Stimulates your lymphatic system – the bouncing helps in the circulation of the lymphatic fluids. This is a perfect way to clear waste out of your body cells.
  • It allows more oxygen circulation in the body tissues
  • It lets your body have a better resting metabolic rate
  • It minimizes the cholesterol circulation
  • It provides balance by improving your brain responsiveness
  • It improves digestion and also elimination
  • It slows down aging through atrophy process

It is easy on your body

The rebounder is easy on your shoulder, joints among other parts due to its low impact. It protects your joints from chronic fatigue which you get from working out on hard surfaces. By providing a gravitational load force, it strengthens your musculoskeletal system.

Ease of use

Unlike most exercise machines and equipment, a rebounder is easy to use. It is also safe and fun for you as well. Without complicating things, the rebounder can be used by anyone although you may have to consider the weight if it was not meant to handle as much.


This is a plus for those who like exercise wherever they go. Most machines and equipment are very heavy and once set up, they have to be kept there for good unless moving to another location. As for the rebounder, you can carry it to wherever you need it especially if you want to work out outside. It doesn’t require special space for working out. Other than that, it doesn’t require much storage space and it is easy to store without having to worry about any damages.


When exercising on the rebounder, you don’t have to worry about noise coming from it. That means you won’t be disturbing anyone when you’re exercising. Other equipment may cause a lot of noise due to the need for electrical power and become a distraction which will just mean that you will have to cut short your exercise until another convenient time. With the rebounder, you don’t need electric power for it to run and this definitely a plus as you can work out anywhere.

Before rushing to buy a rebounder, you may need to consult a health professional. A health expert will guide and even help you in choosing the right bounce for your rebounder so that you don’t hurt yourself along the way. This is very important even when you are thinking of other exercise programs.