Blenders are indispensable kitchen appliances. Almost everybody depend on them for making smoothies, chopping, dicing and making milk shakes. Finding the ultimate blender suited for your needs should be your priority.

Tips to consider when buying the best blender

Size: your needs is what will determine the kind of blender you will purchase. If your family is large, you will definitely need a large size blender and if your family is small, a small or personal blender is good for you. Check the capacity of a blender jar before purchasing one.

Type of blending jar: Blenders have a glass jars or plastic jars. A blender jar, also known as a pitcher is the blending container. The ones that have glass jars are called glass blenders and they are attractive. A glass blender is easy to clean and does not keep odor unlike plastic blending jars.

Power: this is an important factor when choosing the best blender suitable for your needs. Big blenders have powerful motors to blend all kinds of ingredients. Small or personal blenders don’t need too much power to blend ingredients.

Examples of the best Blenders

Ninja professional blender

This is a powerful, professional blender powered by 1100 watts. It’s a good for blending large quantities of ingredients. It will make smoothies and creamy drinks for the entire family. Ninja professional blender has power to crush ice and frozen vegetables and fruits.

Its blending jar has a large capacity of 72 oz hence its suitable for a large family.

Farberware Blender

This is one of the best blenders that come with its own preset programs to choose from. This ultimate blender  performs excellently and it was tested for functionality and cleaning before released into the market. It has a glass jar, and makes well smoothies and shakes.


All the blenders reviewed here, ninja professional and farberware blender will live longer if maintained well. Ensure you don’t overload your blender when making your smoothies or milk shakes. Clean well after blending to ensure there is no contamination during the next blending process.