Contraception is a sensitive topic, which has a significant importance in a women’s life. Contraception is a process that prohibits the sperm of a male to fertilise the ovum of a female and hence preventing women to conceive the baby. Having children and when to have children is a very personal decision, however it requires you to be mentally and physically stable to support the baby. The whole phenomenon of pregnancy starting right from the fertilisation of egg to delivering a child leads to a considerable change in women’s health. Not just women are physically pushed through in the process but also the entire journey of a woman’s life right from child birth to raising her baby gets unquestionably emotional.

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Preventing pregnancy in the early years of marriage can be effectively done by birth control methods. In case of teenage pregnancies, a girl is left with no option but leave school and not pursuing higher education. In case of an adult woman, she is compelled to take a break from or sacrifice her career owing to the same. Though having a child in life is a privilege for women and they even consider it as their priority, however, at the same time she is ought to be proper health care as any issues in her health after the delivery may prove fatal not just for her but also for her child. After her first baby, it is also important for her to maintain a gap of, atleast three years between her first and second baby, as medically claimed for her to recover the loss her body underwent during the pregnancy and gain health again.

For all those men and women who after marriage have decided not to have baby for any suitable or personal reasons for a certain period of time can avail effective birth control methods and lead a healthy sexual life. Some birth control methods which have been most commonly used for many years in particularly women are Oral Contraceptive Pills, Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Devices, Female Sterilisation, Emergency Contraception etc.

Keeping women’s health in mind, Europa Pharmacy is your partner in need. Women are also advised, to consider their health care provider or GP before taking any birth control or contraceptive pills.

They must review all possible risks, pros and cons on a medicine, device or method with their GPs before choosing the option most appropriate as per their requirements.

Apart from medical ways of contraception, women may choose natural ways to prevent pregnancies as well by relying on behavioural practises or by observations on their body and menstruation. Fertility awareness based methods make women familiar with their menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurs during menstruation. Conception is most likely to occur during the fertile window, from 5 days prior to 1 day after ovulation. Since this procedure is quite tricky and also least effective, it requires lot of effort to learn it correctly. Also, as it requires both the partners to fully cooperate using this method, at certain times, it can become challenging to abstain from sex.