It has become a regular practice to use steroids for body building in many countries. Though it is not legal to use steroids, and when tested for these drugs during screen tests if the results come out positive, there are chances that the user will face a lifetime ban. But with all these facts, users time the usage of these steroids, so these products leave their system before any of the major tests or competition. With all these complications an additional factor that steroids can be used only with valid medical prescription puts the sales of these drugs under severe pressure. Thus, marketing people are now trying to sell their products in social media where there is a quick reach and many legal obligations cannot be validated.

Ban and usage restrictions in countries

In many countries like the U.S, the usage and manufacture of these drugs are illegal. In countries such as Mexico and Australia, people can find these products easily online or through dealers in spite of strict laws in place. Many users claimed to have ordered from Mexico on the internet and they did not face any hassles in delivery and usage of these products. However, only when done in small quantities, this will not have any issues. But when a user is trying to ship or use mailing service to deliver or receive these drugs, they are under scanner. A similar situation occurred in Italy where a user tried to ship huge amounts of drugs through postal service and the delivery was tracked and destroyed immediately. So there is a limit of usage and people should be very cautious in using these drugs in their geographic locations.

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Where to purchase these steroids

If the steroid purchase if done in pharmacies or in retail stores should have a valid prescription. but if ordered online, most sellers don’t ask for a valid prescription. so it is easier to get these drugs online than getting anywhere else. Also, there are many offers and sales one can find in many online shops than in other stores so it is a steal deal for many users. Even in places like the U.S where the possession or usage of these drugs are very offensive, there are many dealers who purchase the drug and ship it in varied forms. Many shipments were traced and warned, but the habit is still continuing the practice in most of the countries.

Word of caution before usage

Every user not only should know how the steroids affect their personal health, but should also know what are the permissible drugs allowed in their geographic location. They should also know and explore reputed websites from which the orders can be made. This reputation can be validated by backtracking the manufacturing company and place of a particular product marketed. Many people claim to receive original and reliable products when ordered from Mexico on the internet. So, exploring options and what is reliable will help us identify genuine products. Also, it is better to get a doctor’s prescription as these steroids are knowingly unstable and cause harm to one’s health and well-being.