The child is full of questions and curiosity regarding the world. Some of his questions are answered and some remain unanswered. These unanswered questions change into curiosity. It is at this time that a child needs the support of a person who can understand his concerns and can satisfy his curiosity. A person, who can develop skills in the child to handle such psychological challenges, which he is going to face in the coming years of life. Such training can be imparted to a child at ELEOS psychology center.

Why children need therapy?

  • A child needs the help of a person who can understand his way of thinking and can address his concerns. Sometimes, you ignore the concerns of your child and make the concern of your child a laughing stock, which may give him a wrong signal that you do not care for him thus taking him into depression. It could be you want to address to his concerns and worries but the time does not allow you to do so.
  • A child may be having problem with his classmate or the teacher but unable to express himself. It could result in low confidence of your child. Hence, he requires the help and guidance of qualified psychologist.
  • He or she may be facing the problem of being bullied either by the nanny or his classmate or teacher in his or her nursery school and unable to handle such situations. This inability could result in killing his interest in visiting such place. He may react differently depending how he handles such situations.

What he gets from trained psychologist?

  • He learns the skills of understanding such situations of life and further develops the skill to handle such situations of life.
  • He learns the art of communication with others and the social skills.