The inability to control substance abuse leads to an increase in the quantity and frequency of the drug usage. This results in creating a strong addiction, making the person dependent on the substance.

Cocaine is one of the common drugs that are abused widely. The disorders pertaining to cocaine abuse are however declining, but its usage is still prevailing.

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

To know more about cocaine addiction rehab, it is imperative to know the signs and symptoms that indicate cocaine addiction. Here are some of the symptoms that you may come across in a person who is addicted to cocaine.

  • Having a strong urge to use cocaine
  • Inability to curtail the consumption of the stimulant drug
  • Waving off important obligations for the sake of substance use
  • Consuming cocaine in risky situations like while driving a car or operating machinery
  • Cutting off socially and from family
  • Giving up healthy activities
  • Developing tolerance towards the substance and consequently increasing the quantity of the drug
  • Encountering psychosis-like situations
  • Having frequent nose bleeding, runny nose, mouth sores, and needle injuries in arms, legs, and other injecting areas

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Rehabilitation Process for Cocaine Addiction

The symptoms mentioned above denote the seriousness of the drug abuse. The person suffering from cocaine abuse is not just risking his own self but those around him as well. Therefore, it makes immediate treatment mandatory.

The rehabilitation process of cocaine addiction starts off with detox. Detox, or detoxification, refers to the program that is executed in the cocaine addiction rehab to cleanse the body from the waste material and any foreign substance through the liver.

Detoxification is a natural process that continues to happen regardless of your drug practice, but during drug rehab, it is medically assisted to withdraw the toxins related to cocaine from the body. The cocaine addiction rehab focuses more on dealing with the withdrawal symptoms and the dependence that you have developed on the drug.

In the modern rehab processes, the support programs take the drug abuse sufferers after they get detoxified and help them develop resistance towards cocaine and other drugs.

Cocaine addiction rehabs provide withdrawal management that helps in dealing with the physical and psychological dependence on the drug and prevent possibilities of relapse.

Dealing with Withdrawal in Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Cocaine addiction can demonstrate a number of withdrawal symptoms that mainly include mental situations like depression, apathy, and anxiety. You would likely suffer from fatigue and drowsiness and may feel hungrier with your appetite increasing.

You may also develop insomnia and restlessness, and your vision may get affected. Aside from these, there are some psychotic symptoms too that you may encounter amidst your cocaine addiction rehab that include paranoia and hallucinations.

Cocaine addiction rehab can also serve in diagnosing the mental health conditions that you may have aside from the substance disorder. This is known as dual diagnosis. The cocaine addiction rehab then works on not just the substance disorder but on the mental health condition as well so that you are able to recover from your addiction better and the chances of relapse are marginalised.

In a good cocaine addiction rehab your treatment will address not just the recovery but your specific needs as well. For the co-occurring psychological and medical conditions, it is imperative that you consult a medical professional alongside a drug rehab specialist so that all bases are sufficiently covered.

Behavioural therapy is the most important part of the cocaine addiction treatment that you will come across. It will allow your addiction specialist to understand the reasons behind your addiction and how to change your attitude about the substance use. This is critical in developing effective interventions pertaining to cocaine addiction rehab.

Cocaine addiction rehab entails an integrated approach that intends to deal with not just the recovery from the addiction, but also help you develop an attitude that would prevent you from getting back into the substance use practice.