What is a gastric sleeve?

The gastric sleeve surgery is a bariatric operative procedure that removes parts of the stomach that create restrictions. The popularity of sleeve surgery has drastically increased over the past few years because of its effectiveness and safety. It is a restrictive procedure in which about 80% of the greater curvature of the stomach is resected. This surgery causes rapid weight loss upto 60% after a year of the surgery. What is gastric sleeve surgery? The GS is the removal of the greater curvature of the stomach removes the hunger hormones called Ghrelin. The operation causes neurohormonal changes to the brain and the stomach, changing the relationship the patient has with food.

Gastric sleeve surgery is mainly done for obesity treatment. The surgery aims to lower the body’s metabolism control with diet and the release of hormones to trigger the decrease of metabolism and hunger-reduction. The gastric sleeve surgery reduces the size of the stomach and acts as a long term solution to the effective loss of weight. Gastric sleeve surgery has a low complication rate and very high success rate and therefore is one of the most popular obesity curbing solutions in the world today.

What is gastric sleeve procedure and how it works?

  1. It reduces the size of the stomach by 85%
  2. The new stomach holds lesser food due to the reduction, and the person will feel full sooner
  3. The smaller size of the stomach reduces the release of gut hormones and thereby impacts the hunger sensation and control of the blood sugar levels.

After the procedure, patients will be left with a banana-shaped stomach sleeve which connects the oesophagus and the small intestines. The new sleeve stomach shrinks from 30-40oz of volume to merely 3-4oz. Three leak tests are performed on the sleeve during and after the surgery using blue dye, air and hydrosoluble contrast and X-rays.

What is gastric sleeve procedure?

  1. General anaesthesia is administered to the patient while he lays on his back with arms spread apart
  2. The abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide to have enough room in the abdominal cavity to work on
  3. The surgeon performs the incision and inserts trocars
  4. The liver is lifted using a retractor.
  5. A bougie is inserted through the mouth, and a unique instrument removes the majority of the stomach.

There are many benefits of the gastric sleeve surgery, not only weight loss but also increases the quality of life. Tijuana gastric sleeve services can be availed to perform gastrectomy in Mexico. They provide the perfect blend of professionalism and accuracy for Tijuana gastric sleeve.