Telehealth is the primary concept of remotely treating patients using a high-speed internet connection over video conferencing or even chats. And virtual healthcare is a budding baby of telehealth itself. The basic difference is that telehealth deals with more serious cases like problems related to pregnancy or treatment of long-term illness including diabetes. Virtual healthcare on the other hand deals with lesser complex cases like flu and cold and general consultation.

Concept Behind Virtual Healthcare

Virtual healthcare is an off site consultation method with experienced physicians in real time using video calls, audio calls, as well as real-time chats. A virtual healthcare company is the one that puts in efforts to make a team of doctors and nurses and offer their services to patients. This concept of virtual treatment is popular in Canada too and companies like Dialogue telehealth are expanding beyond the concept of simple virtual healthcare by offering more complex services to their patients.

Features that Make Virtual Healthcare Trustworthy and Popular

Virtual healthcare is a fresh concept that is making its own identity in the field of medical services. The features listed below are the primary reasons that such healthcare startups are becoming popular.

  • Easy Consultation – Even the idea of getting a check-up done without going to a hospital is appealing. And reputed healthcare companies that pool a team of extremely experienced doctors and nurses have turned this idea into reality.
  • Hassle-Free Follow-Ups – Virtual healthcare companies give the option to consult doctors online and arrange easy follow-ups. These companies have liaisons with virtual pharmacies too. These pharmacies deliver medicines, as prescribed, at home.
  • Satisfactory Consultation – The patients can take up as much time as they need every session to get satisfactory answers. The doctors are liable to resolve all the queries and also refer the patient to reliable specialists if the symptoms indicate towards a more serious health problem.
  • Saves a Lot Of Money – The online pharmacies offer attractive discounts on the medicines that otherwise cost more when purchased from physical pharmacists. Also, you don’t have to pay the appointment fee that you otherwise have to when visiting your doctor.
  • Saves Time and Reduce Stress – Virtual health check-up can be done anytime and anywhere according to your comfort. You do not have to travel to the clinic and wait for the doctor to come. Besides, easy follow-ups and day and night availability of doctors is a big plus. All this reduce stress and ensures mental well-being alongside physical wellbeing.