Dental implants can repair missing teeth, but they come with big costs. Yes, of course, the dental implants is one of the more expensive dental procedure on offer, but that hasn’t stopped over 3 million people to achieve a great-looking smile. This is because, the good reason associated with it.

Here’s the good news… 

The initial cost factor is a big stumbling block for many people, so today, the dental industry provides a variety of payment plans and options to make it easy for patients to pay the dental implants cost.

Also, now you can have a cheap dental implant treatment in Australia without compensating the quality of dental service.

Did you know in Australia, the dental implants cost starts from $ 4000 to $ 30000? Also, to have all four dental implants, you will be charged only from $ 15000 to $ 30000 (based on your conditions). For complicated single dental implant that comes with additional surgery (bone graft and or sinus lift), you have to pay $4000 to $11500. And if you need the straightforward single dental implant in need of bone graft and or sinus lift, you have to pay from $2850 to $6500.

Dental Implant Type 

Dental implants cost will get vary based on the dental type you need for. There are two types of dental implants involved today in Australia.

They are,

  1. All-on-4 implant

If you are missing more of your tooth in your lower or upper arch, then the all on four dental implants system is a great option. Did you know, all on four implant treatment enjoys a 94 precent success rate worldwide? With this, you can maintain jaw shape and volume.

  1. Single Implant

Need to have a tooth extracted or lost a tooth? A single-tooth dental implant is the effective and safe options for restoring your smile! Usually, it will be carried out in around an hour to rebuild your smile and more.

Top Five Dental Implant Cost Factors

The dental implant cost depends upon a number of factors. They are,

  1. The complexity of the case
  2. Dentist you choose
  3. Type of implant
  4. Number of implants
  5. Location

To get the cheap dental implant, you have to choose the right flexible payment plan.

Wrap Up

Dental implants are really popular and for good reasons. It is an artificial, though natural-looking, titanium post to match your tooth root. The implanted tooth not only looks like your natural teeth but also function your other teeth. So, no matter what is the cost of a dental implant, it worth every penny. It gives you great value for your hard-earned bucks.