The hair loss is a common problem that affects both men and women with an increasing rate. Nowadays, most of the people are affected by the hair loss problem due to the Androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness. The pattern baldness occurs due to the combined effect of the Testosterone hormone and the genes. The hormone, Testosterone gives the formation of the DHT by the catalytic effect of the 5-alpha-reductase. The DHT or Di-hydro Testosterone is the prime responsible factor in causing the pattern baldness and so it is counted as the damaging agent for hair grafts. The hair follicles get shrink and grey, as well as a severe loss, occurs predominantly that the needs for the treatment, especially the hair transplant are applied. The procedure of hair transplant is actually a process of hair root shifting that needs a donor area and the recipient in order to shift the root from one area to another. This surgical procedure requires both the artist and the surgical perfection and so it is mandatory to receive the procedure only from the expert hair transplant surgeon. The hair transplant cost obviously influenced by the performing surgeon and when you choose the best one the charge gets hike randomly. So, it is advisable that avoids the cheap hair transplant service and if you wish to get the best outcome consults with the expert hair surgeon.

Here is the list that describes the reason for avoiding the cheap hair Transplant Service as follows:

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  1. The quality of the Service & Result: It is all known fact that the clinic charges the less cost definitely compromise with the quality, subsequently a less quality of the service is offered by the clinic and hence result get affected. So, it is good to go with the standard clinic that offers you the best quality services for the hair transplant procedure. Never compromise on the quality and facilities as it ensures us about the best outcome of the surgery.
  2. The inexperienced Surgeon: It is usually seen that a less experienced or inexperienced surgeon charges a cheap fee for the given procedure and people get attracted in order to get the surgery done by that surgeon. The prima facie calculation says that it is a wise decision to choose the cheap services, but when we measure the outcome with standard, it goes nowhere. However, it is advisable to choose the pricey service treatment for the hair transplant procedure.
  3. The Higher damage rate: It is very important to save the hair graft from unwanted desiccation and root damages and so the hair transplant clinic maintains the arrangement of the higher magnification of microscopes in a large number as well as a strong team of trained technicians that facilitate the process of the graft dissection with utmost precision. However, if a clinic has a large setup with a very good number of trained technicians then definitely the cost of the procedure will increase. Therefore, it is all cleared that why a clinic charges a creamy price and how that affects the result of the restoration surgery.
  4. The Artistic skills are everything for the Procedure: Yes, the artistic concern in the surgery weighs a prime place as it decides the natural outcome of the procedure. The surgeon who is sophisticated in doing so and has in-depth knowledge about every aspect related to artistic concern will charge a higher cost rather than an inexperienced or unsophisticated surgeon. The art of the surgery tells about even a minute angle difference that can extensively influence the original effect of the procedure.


Don’t trap in the confusion of expenses as it will charge a pricey service because offering the standard service for such a sophisticated job of the hair restoration is not an easy task that can only be performed by the best hair transplant surgeon.