If you have an abdominal muscle separation, then you suffer from diastasis recti. This condition is when the belly sticks out. The space between your belly muscles has widened. Abdominal separation is very common among pregnant women. There are also some newborn babies who have this belly spread, this will go away on its own for them. For men, they can get this from doing sit-ups or weightlifting the wrong way, or from other causes. Women who have given birth in more than one child in close ages make this condition more likely. During the pregnancy, the muscles in front put so much pressure that can’t keep their shape. Read more at https://nydnrehab.com/what-we-treat/womens_health/diastasis-recti/. This rectus abdominis have special medications and treatments that you should follow.

How Is It Diagnosed?

The experts will be the one to tell your diagnosis of this condition. They will review your medical history and conduct a thorough check about your state. It includes all the information related to your physical recovery and so on. They will determine when your symptoms began, and how they are impacting your daily life. Performing a gentle abdominal examination is the common practice to treat this condition. This is to note the degree of separation of the abdominal muscle. Seeing your physical therapist about this condition is essential. Physical therapists will assess your posture, range of motion, and muscle strength. There are many treatments for this and only the experts can tell which one fits for you.

Treatment for Diastasis Recti

There are times when the abdominal separation is not too big that you can live with it. Otherwise, you should bring back muscles together before you have another pregnancy. See your doctor measure how far apart your muscles are using finger widths. The experts can also get the exact gap by a measuring tape or instrument, or ultrasound. They can see your condition whether it is getting better or worse. Some gentle movements can close the space between the belly while supporting the abs. Before doing this, you should ask your doctor for an advice and even refer to a physical therapist. For some abdominal separation that is not so serious, you can do:

  • The right abdominal muscle activation exercises.
  • The binding movement. This is to let the abdominal muscles get back together using the elastic binder. Make use of the support garments to be safe.
  • When doing the exercise, avoid doing the inappropriate abdominal exercises.
  • Change some activities to avoid abdominal strain or worsening the condition.

Physical Therapist Treatment

One of the most effective treatments for abdominal separation id the physical therapy. This is the safest way to manage symptoms and improve functional capacity. There are many exercises that your physical therapist can help you with like:

  • Postural Training. Improving postural control for dealing with abdominal separation. The therapist helps stabilize your core, without overuse of the abdominal muscle. Your physical therapist will give training for your other core muscles. They will show you how to perform daily activities while using proper posture.
  • This therapy is effective when certain muscles become weak and overstretched. This can treat other muscles as they become overactive and tight. The therapist will determine which muscles need some improvement for strength and posture.

For the treatment, always do it with your physical therapist. There are some routine fitness moves that make abdominal separation worse. Trainers will give you the appropriate abdominal exercises to restore deep abdominal control. They can help you to promote abdominal muscle recovery after pregnancy and childbirth.