Everyone wants to stay young and beautiful always. However, this quest for beauty and youth does not always yield proper result. The secret of eternal youth and beauty lies in the 5,000 art which has been popularized by the name of Yoga. Everyone is not into this art because of the benefits it offers to the practitioners. However, Dr. Pankaj Naram says to be careful when you are practicing yoga, there are some risks involved and to get maximum benefit of the art, it is important to practice the art under the watchful eye of a teacher.

Whatever you get started with, the wisest thing to do is gain knowledge about the process. With proper information and in-depth knowledge you would be able to stay away from the negative effects. Yoga too has some pros and cons attached to it. Before you buy the mat and start doing it –make sure to get the knowledge of the yoga process.

The Advantages

Dr. Pankaj Naram cannot stretch this any further. There are countless benefits of yoga. If you do this properly under the guidance of an experienced teacher, you would be able to get the maximum benefit and also will be able to enjoy youth and beauty for a long time.

Yoga can give rise to muscle strength. Because when you are practicing yoga you are stretching your body, muscles get flexible and you gain strength from the practice. Areas like ribs and pelvic opens up, the other parts of the body tones up too. This can be the best fitness regimen for those who like to exercise.

If you are looking for a total body exercise, this is the one. Yoga poses exercise the entire body. From your head to toe every muscle of your body gets the required exercise. Due to this you don’t have to opt for any other type of exercises while doing yoga.

Those who have flabby muscles will surely benefit from yoga. This workout tightens the body muscles and helps to enjoy a toned body. This is the best exercise for people who are under stress and are looking for a way to relax. Yoga both relaxes the body and also tones it down.

Regular practice of yoga both harmonizes body and stabilizes mind. So, you get a total mind and body exercise with yoga.

Some Aspects to be Aware of

There are no such disadvantage of practicing yoga. However, wrong pose or wrong stretch of muscle can create problem for the practitioner. There are some poses which one should not practice without the guidance of a teacher.

Dr. Pankaj Naram says that if you really want to benefit from Yoga make sure to find a teacher who can help you learn the poses. There are methods of beginning and ending poses. You must follow them for better effect. Finding the right yoga center or the right teacher can be a task which you need to perform carefully. The teacher you hire must have experience and expertise to help you learn.