Dental implants treatment is one of the tooth replacement options most patients prefer to treat their missing tooth. People might have lost one or more tooth due to various reasons such as tooth decay, accident, etc. and think of how to replace the missing tooth. For them, dental implants procedure is one of the best treatments that could replace their missing tooth. Dental implants give a look similar to the natural tooth, so you can feel comfortable and others may not know that it is an artificial tooth until you reveal the truth to them. Some patients may wonder about the dental implants cost and hesitate to undergo dental implants treatment. But, nowadays many dentists provide dental implants treatment at affordable cost. Here we have mentioned the various factors that affect the cost of dental implant treatment.

Number Matters

While undergoing dental implants treatment, the dental implant price varies based on the number of replacement needed for you. Multiple tooth replacement will cost more than single tooth replacement.  Some people may also need to replace the whole arch and they need to spend more for the replacement.

Quality Of The Implant

One of the main factors that influence the dental implants cost is the quality of the material you use for the dental implants treatment. Often the implants are made of titanium which get fused with your jawbones and act similar to your natural bone. But, nowadays many materials are available in the market. So you need to consult with your dentist about the benefits, cost, disadvantages and healing process associated with each material and make a wise decision.


If the tooth that needs replacing has not yet fallen out of your mouth, it will need to be removed, which is a separate procedure with an associated cost.

Location Of The Tooth

As each tooth needs different adjustment in the procedure to get the desired result, the cost involved differs. If you are replacing the front teeth, the dentist need to give more importance to the angle of the front tooth so that it match the existing jawline to ensure your smile looks great. On the other hand, some replacement needs advanced equipment to perform the procedure which may increase the cost of dental implants treatment.

Bone Density

For a successful dental implants treatment, you need proper bone density to protect the implant or the titanium post. If you have low bone density, you need to undergo many preparatory works to make your dental implant procedure a successful one. Initially, you may need a sinus augmentations or bone grafting procedure to prepare your mouth for the cheap dental implant procedure.