To achieve your academic milestone, you need an online degree. An online degree is also considered as the easiest, time-saving and cost-saving way of completing the educational courses. So, in case you are considering an online degree, here are some mentioned facts regarding an online education degree that you would like to know.

  1. An online degree stands most preferred especially by working adults. In fact, 77% of the academic experts have considered online education better than our traditional way of education. If you prefer to achieve your degree online, you will get a better chance to learn the subject. If you are confused about the selection of your education pattern, then choose an online education or degree since it is more considerate and trustworthy. If you are a student of management and business, then online is the best way to complete your degree. There are several online degree courses for the students of business and management than you can select as per your choice.
  2. A graduate with an online degree from the University of Phoenix is earning $150000 per annum. This means that, if you completed your degree online, you can earn lots of dollars. The earnings are at times more than the earnings of a student who completed the degree through the traditional way of education. Additionally, the online degree gives you the opportunity to get an education from an international perspective. Online degrees provide you with a wider platform for your education and future career. Sharing your views in the group of international students will also help improve your knowledge and skills.
  3. The University of Phoenix is now providing the full-time online degree courses. According to statistics, 62.4% of the universities in the United Kingdom are offering full-time online degrees. Surprisingly, in the last few years, the percentage of the universities offering online degree courses increased by 34.5%. Besides, 80% of the students taking online classes belong to the areas that are within 100 miles of a university.
  4. A working individual has a better opportunity to enhance his or her career by completing a degree online. Statistics indicate that 46% of students prefer and select online degree courses in order to improve their career further. The students prefer online degree courses because they are flexible, convenient and affordable. Additionally, if you are already employed, you can get help from your employer’s end and reduce the burden of education by selecting online degree courses. Moreover, 12% of online students get help from their employers for the online course.
  5. It will take you one year to complete your two years degree course by adopting the online option. This option saves you time and money. With an online option, you can also balance your job, family life, and education without hampering anything. There is no hard and fast rule in online education. Therefore, in an online degree course, you are free to study anytime and anywhere.
  6. It is not advisable to opt for an online degree if you prefer a long-term degree course. Many academic experts have voted against online degrees in case of long-term courses. The experts’ believe that such students cannot maintain the online classes for long-time. Many distractions are bound to hamper their online education along the way. Actually, many students lose their patience in long-term online courses.
  7. Statistics show that online degree courses are mostly preferred by female students than male students. According to statistics, out of 100% of students in the world who opt for different online degree courses, 70% are female students, while 30% are male students. In terms of ethnicity, students from Caucasian ethnic group prefer to attempt online degree courses more than other ethnic groups. On that note, the percentage of North American students is lowest.
  8. You also get to enjoy credit transfer from previous college, universities or institutions to complete the online degree. This is a lucrative facility that many students enjoy a number of more or less than 80%.