Obesity is a national epidemic. The significant increase in the number of overweight people began to be noticed in the 1990s. By then the societal conditions had become well-established and the problem only got worse and spread even further. While the focus is always on the outer signs of obesity, too little attention has been given to the knock-on effects of being overweight. The range of illnesses associated with obesity is the worst feature of it. Asthma, diabetes, liver and heart disease, many other kinds of illnesses affect obese persons at a higher rate than others. This has put a serious strain on the health care system and has not been insignificant in pushing home health care costs for everyone.

The blame for the obesity has fallen on practices, institutions, and products of every kind. Everything from fast food to computer games has been put under indictment. The fact is there is no one single factor responsible for this health crisis. Obesity has emerged as a result of the very different kind of societies that emerged in the latter half of the 21st century.

Whereas before the Second World War it was hard for most people to take in the required number of calories to get through the day without hunger pains or discomfort, it is now hard not to eat too many calories in the course of a day. It is also true that the nature of work for most people has changed. It is necessary for must people to spend hours at a time in front of a computer screen. Even if someone wanted to go out for a walk it is nearly impossible to do so as the demands of work keep everyone constantly seated an in engagement with one another or some electronic device.

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