The ability to focus and concentrate is the key requirements to completing any task with perfection. Without feeling focused towards whatever task you are carrying out, you would feel distracted, miss out on a lot, and as a result be unhappy with the outcome. You would be amazed to know that there are certain foods that can help you focus better, along with enhancing your memory, mood, and giving you the ability to make better decisions. Here’s a list of brain food that you should consume for better focus and concentration.


Blueberries are one of the best foods to enhance focus and memory along with it. As you have blueberries, it helps in keeping your mind fresh by increasing the blood flow and oxygen to the brain. This would on an average keep you focused for about 5 hours, as research suggests. Blueberries have an amazing combination of antioxidants, like tannins, resveratrol, anthocyanin, etc. These directly help in enhancing focus and besides that also help in preventing conditions, like cancer, dementia, and heart relate diseases.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is yet another food that can help you be focused for longer time. Dark chocolate contains some amount of caffeine. Caffeine is known to instantly increase focus and concentration by making people feel energized. Besides caffeine, dark chocolate also contains magnesium which helps in relieving stress by regulating the secretion of serotonin and endorphins-de-stress hormones. This is why dark chocolate is known to be one of the happy foods. However, chocolate can cause oral issues, which is why you should monitor the intake of chocolate and have it in controlled levels.


While water is not exactly a kind of food, it still helps a lot in restoring focus. Having need amounts of water the entire day keeps you energized and focused. Focus is lost when the brain contains many toxins and there is a loss of homeostasis. However, water reaches your brain and restores the balance of electrolytes in the brain. This in turn activates all the brain related activities. Water is even as such important for the other bodily processes, which is why you should have plenty of water every day.


We all know nuts contain oils. In fact, oil industries extract oils from various nuts, like almonds and groundnut. These essential oils are a great way to help you stay focused. Besides being rich in essential oils and helping to stay focused, it also helps in maintaining your mental health in a longer run. If you regularly have nuts, just a handful each day, it would slow down the pace of your cognitive damage. Nuts also contain Vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are one of the best vegetarian sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which otherwise are found in salmon. Flax seeds also contain various other elements, like magnesium, Vitamin B, etc. Flax seeds are really helpful in losing weight, and feeling focused. But since flax seeds can be hard to digest, you should grind and have them by mixing them with yogurt, salad, or even in your cereal.

Green Tea

Green tea is probably the best solution to stay focused. The reason why we say this is because it contains two of the best elements that help in improving focus, namely, caffeine and l’theanine. It is a known fact that caffeine helps in staying focused. However, the reason why l’theanine and caffeine make an amazing combination is because it makes the caffeine release slower. Because of this, the brain can retain the effects of caffeine for longer than otherwise. L’theanine also increases tranquility in the mind.