Nothing beats a beautiful smile. But to have clean, healthy teeth, it is necessary to have good dental hygiene and regularly consult a dentist.

Indeed, he is the specialist who has the knowledge and skills to examine and treat every aspect of the mouth. Through exams and specialized care, he is able to offer you the pleasure of smiling to the fullest.

A Visit to the Dental Office

Dentists generally receive their patients in private practice, where rigorous checks are made on health standards, the good condition of the devices and the respect of recognized standards in dentistry.

  • Hours of operation and emergency availability vary according to the policies of each firm.
  • During a first visit, it is best to arrive a little before your appointment to answer some medical questions and complete the file.
  • At all times, the dentist will inform the patient of the recommended treatments and the associated costs, in order to have a prior agreement.
  • It is the patient’s duty to check with his insurer which services are covered by his insurer.

One Consultation Every Six Months

“Prevention is better than cure” makes perfect sense when it comes to oral health.

  • For example, dental consultations should be done every six months – or at least every year.
  • Examination and cleaning help determine the condition of the teeth, enamel, occlusion, gums, tongue, etc.
  • Through these regular consultations, it is easier to do prevention and to identify early problems that may arise.

Beware of Cavities!

  • Other common causes of consultation include cavities. Although they are more common in children, adults are also exposed to it.
  • Cavities are caused by bacteria and mixtures of sugars.
  • These are small holes on the surface of the tooth.
  • To avoid infections and pain, it is necessary to restore the tooth. If the tooth is left untreated, complications may occur.

Personalized Treatment

  • The dentist Vancouver deals with dental emergencies and gum disease.
  • It can also detect orthodontic needs to prevent joint problems, chewing and premature wear of teeth.
  • Finally, he can recommend a wide range of solutions for the various problems that arise, as regards the teeth, the gums, the tongue, and the palate.