Urologists suggest a mandatory test every few years after the age of 40. The stats show that this is the age when the urinary tract is experiencing problems and it’s the most common time to find out that you need some kind of treatment.

Not every person will surely suffer from a condition of some kind, but it’s best to find out with time if there’s any problem. This way the doctors will have a much easier job in fixing the issue and treating the condition. See more on this subject here.

In this article, we’ll tell you when it is time to visit the urologist immediately. If you experience some of the following things, make sure you visit the doctor at once! Follow up and see more about this!

Blood in your urine

Blood in your urine can be an indicator of many different problems, but one of the most common is that you’re having issues with the urinary tract. If you happen to see something like this, it’s time to delay all your other plans and visit the hospital at once.

Pain in the testicles

This is a trouble that many men experience a lot of time and it’s not always a problem that should be addressed to the urologist. However, if you happen to feel the pain for more than a day and it’s not caused by something else like uncomfortable clothes or there’s another reason for the pain to be there, then it’s probably the best to do something about it.

Higher PSA levels

When you’re doing the regular blood test at work, the lab practitioners might find a higher PSA level in your blood. PSA stands for prostate-specific antigen and it can be higher because of problems with the prostate. This is definitely something that must be addressed to the urologist who will tell you what causes it and what needs to be done next. Learn more about PSA here: https://www.cancer.gov/types/prostate/psa-fact-sheet.

Painful toilet experience

If your going to the toilet started to be a problem and it hurts while you urinate, this is definitely a time to see the professionals. This is called Dysuria and it’s a common bacteria that needs treatment. The doctor will tell you how you got it and what you need to take to get rid of it. What you must know is that it won’t go away on its own. You have to treat the problem to make sure it’s completely gone.


If you have a problem with the semen and you can’t get your significant other pregnant, you should also see a urologist. The reason for this is because you may be experiencing an issue with the testicles that is extremely serious – like testicular cancer. This is not just a problem for having children, but an issue that might be life-threatening.

Frequent need for going to the toilet

This is a common problem for men of older ages, but it can also be a trouble for those who are and feel younger. If you’re one of those who visit the toilet a couple of times every hour, then it’s best to check out if there’s a more serious issues than a simple need for urinating. This may be a sign of many different conditions and problems that can be prevented or treated in time. The more you postpone, the harder it will be to fix it.

Sexual dysfunction

With age, it’s normal to maintain a proper erection. Still, it’s not normal to experience this during the 30s and the 40s. If something like this is happening to you, then the reason might be in many different issues. It’s best to see a doctor and do some tests before you make a conclusion about where the problem really is.


There are lots of reasons why there’s something different in your urinating experience. Urology is a science that is highly complex. Doctors and scientists spend decades specializing in it before they are skilled enough to practice it. Click here to read more about the common problems people see in their life connected with this issue.

It’s important to know that this is a health issue that lots of people ignore because they feel uncomfortable treating it. The problem with this is that they’ll still go to the doctor when the issue becomes too serious.

Don’t be one of those people who do this. It is much better to go through the process when the issue is still treatable instead of making doctors trying to save your life because you were afraid or ashamed to see them over an issue that was nothing special.

If you see some of these problems mentioned above, make sure you visit the experts and fix them while you still can.