Did you know? Your tongue helps for digestion and mouth cleaning. Yes, according to the National Centre of Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the tongue helps in digestion during chewing or swallowing process. So that it needs special care and maintenance.

Alright, what type of care are you giving for tongue cleaning process? Most of the people are not giving importance for the tongue cleaning as equal to cleaning the teeth. As per a popular cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, keeping your tongue clean is essential and it is the way to prevent severe oral health issues.

An Ultimate Guide on Tongue Cleaning by a Popular Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas

Why Frequent Tongue Cleaning is Important?

Not only your tooth gets affected, your tongue also gets sick if you not care for it. You need to add brushing and flossing in a daily basis that would give you freshness and bacteria-free mouth. Cleaning your tongue should be part of your routine, here is why:

Excessive Bacteria Growth

Biofilm is a kind of bacteria that lives in your tongue in the spaces and ridges that you can’t see. The biofilm makes up large amount of bacteria in your mouth if you not give importance for tongue cleaning. Growing bacteria will affect your entire mouth such as teeth and gums by developing dental issues. Using mouth wash is a good suggestion but it alone will not remove and reduce the excessive bacteria, in this situation, brushing helps to remove the grown bacteria.

Bad Breathe

Are you suffering from bad breathe? This might be caused due to the bacterial build up on your tongue. When the biofilm bacteria spread throughout your tongue excessively, your breathing ability will be badly affected. Expertise cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas suggests brushing the tongue regularly will remove the bacteria layer and help you to create a healthier and fresher environment in your mouth.

Loosing Sensation

If you not maintain your tongue clean and free from bacteria, it will lead you to lose taste sensation. This can create tongue related problems such as wounds, map-like tongues, and then you will find difficult to eat and hard to pleasure the taste.

Ways to Clean Your Tongue

Knowing and following the right tongue cleaning process will enhance the healthy life. Most of the cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas NV suggests to follow any one of the below cleaning process.


Clean your tongue with the brush that you use for teeth, and brush as you do with your teeth. Follow this process twice a day then you will feel healthier and fresh breathe ever. You no need to brush it hard, as the bacteria can be removed easily by very gentle brushing. You need to brush until the bacteria coat remove from the tongue.

Tongue Scraper

Using a tongue scraper helps to remove the whitish/yellowish colored coat spread over the exterior part of your tongue. Bacteria forms and resides in the top layer of the tongue that can lead your tongue to harmful dental issues. In such cases, using a tongue scraper would help you to achieve the clean tongue and keeping it a regular basis would prevent your tongue from bacteria formulation.

Mouth wash

Mouth washing is another way to get a clean and healthier tongue. Anyhow, you use mouth wash for your entire mouth, but it helps your tongue to become healthier. It provides you fresh breathe and healthy dental. Once you’ve done tongue scraping, use mouth wash.

Suffering from tongue issues and feel tasteless? Why don’t you try above mentioned things and get a healthier tongue and mouth forever? Clean your tongue on daily basis and you will definitely have a healthier and long lasting dental assuredly.