If you are planning to get eyelid surgery done, you should first determine whether you are the right candidate for the surgery. Eyelid surgery is done for many reasons, like for improving appearance, improving vision, getting rid of the irritation the skin folds of the droopy eyelids cause, and so on.credit

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Who is the Best Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

If you are in doubt about whether you are the best candidate for eyelid surgery i.e. blepharoplasty, fix an appointment with your eye surgeon who can evaluate your condition for any medical issues connected to your eyelids. It’s also necessary to know the cost of the surgery which you can know in this appointment. Thus you can know the cost of upper eyelid surgery from Dr. Naveen Somia for example.

If you have no medical reason for blepharoplasty, you can talk to your doctor about any interests or concerns you might have about cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Other Health Conditions

You can consider undergoing blepharoplasty if you are troubled with the excessive sagging and drooping of skin around eyes, which is typically a result of normal aging process. Sagging skin can also be aggravated if you have other conditions like puffy eyes resulted from oedema or eye allergies.

Congenitally Droopy Eyelids

Simply because you are born with heavy eyelids or brows, it doesn’t mean that you need a surgery. If it is in case of your young child, there is really no need of surgery especially because the child is young.

Keep Practical Expectations from Cosmetic Blepharoplasty

If you are planning to undergo blepharoplasty solely for cosmetic reasons, your doctor may probably advise you to keep practical expectations. While cosmetic procedures sometimes can bring about a dramatic change in appearance, they are not the mythical fountain of youth.

You should understand that the aging process will go on and your improved looks that may come with an eyelift surgery will not last forever and at some point of time in the future, you may have to consider repeating the surgery.

However, it’s also true that depending upon your health and other factors, your blepharoplasty can last for as many as 10 years. The droopy eyelid fix by Dr. Naveen Somia is a great example of this.

Potential Surgical Risk Factors

Your doctor will also evaluate you for potential surgical risk factors like thyroid eye disease, dry eye problems and diabetes.

Remember that the number and severity of any health problems may reject you as a candidate for eyelid surgery.credit

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Smokers’ Risks

There is an increased risk of post-surgical complications in case of smokers because their healing process is slower than non-smokers. If you smoke, your doctor may advise you to quit smoking at least many weeks before the procedure.


The success of an eyelid surgery is also dependent upon your ethnicity. For example, it’s difficult to perform this surgery on people of Asian origin due to the unique structure of the eyelids of this ethnic group. Therefore, Asians might be at a greater risk of having less-than-optimal results of the surgery than other ethnic groups.

With cosmetic blepharoplasty, the “absent upper eyelid crease” look associated to Asian facial features can be potentially eliminated. With this procedure, an Asian eyelid can be offered a “Westernised” appearance to some extent.

What to Discuss with Your Doctor?

Your doctor will not only evaluate you to find whether you are the right candidate for eyelid surgery, but also customise your procedure according to your particular goals and advise you about individualised care. You should openly share your expectations with your doctor so that s/he can know what you want. It’s also an opportunity for her/him to guide you about realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure.