Just like other remedies and medicines, the day-to-day use of Kratom will eventually lead you to a time when the same dosage will no longer be as strong and effective. This is because the human body develops a strong tolerance level or has stored the herb for a long period of time. Obviously, you want to boost its strength again, but increasing dosages is not a good solution because it will become an endless cycle. The good news is that you can also use a variety of natural foods for increasing the strength of your Kratom strain with ease. Some of the top foods that can be used for this purpose are:

  • Cayenne Pepper

This is a very powerful compound that’s often used for cleansing and detoxing the body. When cayenne pepper is used with Kratom, it can aid in relieving joint pain, support weight loss and also produce saliva that helps in digestion. You can increase Kratom’s strength when cayenne pepper is mixed with dry Kratom powder. Only a small amount of this compound is enough to get the desired taste. Initially, you might have to experiment when mixing the ingredients, but you can adjust them later on as per your preference.

  • Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice can be used in a couple of ways for enhancing the strength of Kratom powder. You can drink a glass of the juice immediately after consuming Kratom or mix the two together when making your Kratom tea. The grapefruit juice can have a strong impact on the digestive enzymes in the body, which are connected with metabolism. Combined with the alkaloids in Kratom, you can enjoy considerable reduction in treatment of pain and anxiety.

  • Turmeric

When consumed with Kratom, this strong spice can provide a number of benefits. Similar to cayenne pepper, you can mix dry Kratom powder with turmeric. You only need to add a pinch of Kratom powder to a tablespoon of turmeric and you are going to see an instant boost in the herb’s strength and effect. If you use it with black pepper, you will notice an immense increase in strength and it can also bring down your tolerance.

  • Tea

Kratom powder can be used for making Kratom tea, but your body may end up building tolerance to this tea form as well. In this situation, you have the option of taking herbal tea after you have taken Kratom powder. Green tea as well as chamomile tea are renowned for the calming effects they offer. You can combine either of these with a red vein strain of Kratom for increasing its potency thereby helping you get more out of the herb.

Apart from the natural options mentioned above, you can also have it with a cup of coffee, especially if the stimulant effects are what you need. If it is the soothing effect you desire, you can enhance red leaf Kratom by chewing on a valerian root. When using natural foods for boosting Kratom potency, bear in mind that some should be taken before consuming the herb and some after.