To lose weight effectively, you have to learn how many calories are there in anything you eat. Counting calories is important, and so is exercise. The combination of a restricted diet and a proper exercise plan can only help you lose in an efficient manner. By cutting 500 calories from your daily calorie intake, you will be able to lose a pound in a week. It means that if you are currently following a 1,800-calorie diet, switching to a 1200-calorie diet would help you lose about one pound in a week. The question is, “Is it a good idea to eat 1200 calories a day when 1800 calories are already on the lower side?”

There is no simple answer to this question, but most experts are of the view that 1200 calories are usually not enough to provide you with important nutrients required for overall health. Moreover, it can be extremely challenging to stick to such low-calorie diet for long enough to see positive results. Adding the right foods to your diet to get only 1200 calories a day would be difficult as well. Many people resolve this issue by ordering healthy foods online – many online meal delivery services let you choose 1200-calorie meals and have them delivered to your door. However, you need to understand that even though meal delivery services have made it easier to follow a 1200-calorie diet, you should think twice before going this low on calories.

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It is worth mentioning that many so-called fitness gurus claim that 1200 calories are enough to provide you with important nutrients. The reality is different, as many experts have found that following one such diet for long enough can cause serious health issues, including anxiety and infertility. For many people, 1200 calories are simply not enough and following one such diet may put your body into a starvation mode. If your body switches to this mode, you will not be able to lose weight because your body would try to protect the amount of fat it has.

The proponents of 1200-calorie diets say that it is the bare minimum you need to survive, so you can certainly stick with it to initiate weight loss. While it is true, it is also a fact that every person is different and so is the number of calories they need to prevent any health complications. Even if you plan your meals carefully using online services, you may still make a mistake here and there throwing your body into a starvation mode that can do more harm than good to your weight loss efforts. In fact, following one such diet would cause your body to make metabolic adjustments that could be dangerous in the long run. Therefore, you should avoid eating a 1200-calorie diet unless you are working with a healthcare provider and know how to plan your meals without having to sacrifice on important nutrients.