Many of the drugs and medicines that are synthetically manufactured by pharmaceutical companies have contraindications, meaning, they have side-effects; and seldom would you find a drug that does not have any contraindication. The anti-asthma pill, for example, is surely helpful in calming the bronchi tube, but it also has side-effects on the vascular muscles of the heart leading to faster and increased heartbeat rates. Hence, if you have a heart problem, you should, most of the time, relent in taking in anti-asthma pills. You should instead use the inhaler whose mists go directly into the lungs.

To avoid such contraindications, some people rely heavily on traditional medicines, thinking that the traditional remedies do not carry contraindications. They say that since most traditional medicines are natural, they have minimal or no side-effects. This idea however is far from being true for most traditional medical herbs, for example, also have contraindications. Moreover, there is a lack of scientific studies on traditional medicines that could categorically prove that they do not have contraindications. Hence, you should also be meticulous in choosing the traditional herbal remedies that you use.

Jiaogulan as an Adaptogen

There are substances called adaptogens which are derived from some wild herbs and plants. These adaptogens are known to stabilize the different physiological processes and restore homeostasis within the body. Some of these adaptogens are widely used in traditional medicine as remedies to various diseases, and examples of these adaptogens include the American Ginseng, Eleuthero, and Jiaogulan.

Very few of these adaptogens however have no contraindications when used. The American Ginseng, for example, exhibits an adverse effect on people who are using “warfarin” an anti-coagulant. It could also cause headache, insomnia, and upset stomach. Other known adaptogens also have contraindications saved for one adaptogen that exhibits no known side-effect, and this adaptogen is called Jiaogulan.

Jiaogulan as a Very Potent Adaptogen

Jiaogulan, which is scientifically known as Gynosemma Pentaphyllum, is one of the most powerful adaptogens and could be the most potent adaptogen. Since ancient times, many traditional Chinese doctors had already written about Jiaogulan’s various healing effects, and the ancient Chinese had already been using it to remedy hematuria, edema of pharynx, trauma, and tumors. In the 1980’s, scientific studies on the medicinal properties of Jiaogulan showed that it does not have any known side effect and does not have any toxicity. These studies also showed the different medicinal properties of Jiaogulan such as:

  • Being an antioxidant
  • Being a powerful adaptogen
  • Being an effective blood pressure regulator
  • Regulator of the heart and circulatory functions
  • Reducer of bad cholesterol
  • A remedy for Diabetes
  • Remedy for nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases

As an adaptogen, it has gypenoside—a chemical compound—that has the power to regulate blood pressure, improve and bolster the immune system, and improve the endurance and stamina of a person. Moreover, it has the capacity to improve heart functions by improving the heart stroke volume and the flow of blood through the coronary arteries. It also has the power to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood serum, and it could play a critical role in weight management. Lastly, it has the potential to reduce blood glucose, and for this reason, it could definitely play a critical role in the treatment of diabetes.