Law for steroids is different around the whole world. In the United States, it might be available in most stores, but cannot be bought without a prescription. To get steroids in the US is tough, but to purchase in Australia is the toughest.

The Australian government is against the usage of steroids. They believe that steroids are misleading youngsters and they are misusing it. The only way to get them anywhere in Australia is through a registered doctor. Any person found buying illegally steroids is arrested and punished.

The only legal steroid in Australia is D-Bal, which is a substitute for Dianabol. D-Bal claims that it is safer than Dianabol and can be taken in cycles. D-Bal helps in increasing protein synthesis, which is a process wherein the steroids help the cells produce more protein in the body. More protein means more muscle mass. Thus, D-Bal helps in body building.

It is always suggested, while you are travelling to Australia and you are prescribed steroids for medical issues then there are few things that you need to follow for a hassle-free travel –

  • Contact Australian embassy and inform them about your medication.
  • You should always carry a prescription from your doctor that recommends you are under a legal steroid.
  • Your prescription should also explain your dosage and quantity of steroid you are carrying.
  • It is better to carry complete dosage with you as being a foreigner, you will not be allowed to refill your container.
  • The steroid bottle should have your name, drug’s name and the dosage recommended.

The illegal transportation of steroid has increased in years. Anyone found using steroids illegally is imprisoned for two years or may be fined as well. However, teens in Australia are now fascinated with the results of steroids and are looking forward to using it. However, you cannot get Steroids from local pharmacies.

Apart from all these illegalities, steroids are widely used in sports and body building. Some sports have made its usage legal. It is true that steroids not only make muscles, but also boosts energy. This helps athletes in giving better performance in the field.

Hence, if you want to know whether Australia provides steroids legally? The answer is “depends”. Only steroids prescribed by doctors are legal. Doctors know the right dosage and form of steroid which is good for their body. Not all body reacts in the same manner for all steroids. Hence, it is essential to not disobey any instructions given by your physician.