Alternative therapies tend to meet with a lot of scepticism, but just because a majority of people don’t believe in it doesn’t automatically make an alternative therapy a scam. Somatic Psychology is such an alternative therapy. It is a comparatively new therapy which means most people tend to ignore it, but that being said it is slowly gaining popularity owing to the effects it had had on people who have tried it.

Heals trauma to the mind

If you get into an accident, your body suffers trauma, you have to go through intense physical therapies, surgery etc. to get better. But the trauma to your mind caused by the accident won’t heal so easily. Somatic therapy can help you cope with this trauma and even come out of it. Somatic psychologists believe that there is a deep relationship between the mind and body and a mental trauma can affect the body adversely and might be reflected as physical symptoms like chronic pain, depression, digestive issues etc.

Improves your awareness of yourself

In today’s busy world people have very little time for introspection, and they are beginning to be less aware of themselves. Self awareness is immensely important for the continued well being of a person. Somatic psycho therapy can help with that by improving self awareness with the help of a range of exercises of both mind and body. It can help cleanse you of all your negative experiences and help you get better control over your emotions.

Helps you become more expressive

When we talk about communication, we usually always refer to talking. Modern psychology also believes in talking and expressing opinions about issues, which is why therapists are in such a high demand. But most people tend to forget that non verbal communication; i.e. communication through body language, posture etc. is equally important. When you are talking to someone over the phone, it’s only your words that communicate your thought, but during face to face encounters, your body language says a lot too. Somatic therapy can help you understand your own body language and use it to communicate better.

It helps you come out of bad habits

When you are under  a lot of stress and pressure, which nearly everyone is nowadays, you will find that you have developed some bad habits and harmful patterns that are pushing you consistently towards a path of negativity and harming you physically as well as mentally. The change is usually gradual and most people don’t recognize the vicious cycle until it is too late. An experienced somatic psychologist can help you identify such patterns you have developed and suggest ways of coming out of them.

In the end of the day it is entirely up to you whether you will give Somatic psychotherapy a shot or not. But considering just how many people are reaping the results of trying it, you could at least try it once before rejecting it out of hand. However, remember that this is not a miracle drug and you have to be patient if you want results.