You are probably already acutely aware that Euro-spa massage can be good for you.  But have you really thought about all the benefits that a good, consistent, professional rubdown can actually provide for you?  There are many primary, secondary, and specialty benefits to getting a regular massage: and you should keep these in mind for future reference.

The Primary Benefits of Massage

Most of the time, when people talk about the benefits of massage, they typically refer to the most immediate benefits, which are muscle relaxation and pain relief.  Indeed, all massage is designed to release tension but not all massage modalities are the same. Some are designed for deep penetration across many muscle groups while others are designed for “trigger points” which focus on specific areas.  Overall, massage can help just about anyone who has physical pain, tension, and cramping; but while most people might pursue massage for the purposes of relaxation, certain types of massage can be quite invigorating as well.

The Secondary Benefits of Massage

But there is more to massage than muscle relaxing.  Yes, the physical benefits are immediate and definitely the reason most people pursue this type of holistic healing.  But the reason massage relieves pain has a lot to do with oxygenating your blood.  Improving your circulation, then, will also affect your ability to stretch and exercise and will also help to speed recovery.  In addition, circulation reduces stress and improves focus.

The Specialty Benefits of Massage

One thing you might not know, however, is that many types of massage are designed to address very specific types of pain or other issues.  Reflexolgy massage, for example, employs the believe that parts of the body is connected through a system of energy paths; which means you can relieve digestive problems, for example, by massaging a specific area of the hands and feet. If you have a headache, a reflexolgy massage might involve pinching, squeezing, and massaging of the fingers and toes.

Lymphatic massage is another type of specialty massage, very similar to reflexology. This type of massage is intended to relieve inflammation within the body’s lymph system.  The lymph nodes swell, for example, when you have an illness or an injury. In an effort to reduce pain, speed immune response, and even relieve some symptoms of things like depression and anxiety, a lymph massage focuses on improving energy flow within the system.