Have you been thinking of detoxing from marijuana? Do you want to change old habits or do you just want to pass a drug test and get hired for your dream job? Whichever the case, this is the ideal guide on how to achieve total detoxification.

You are probably wondering how long detoxification will take. Before you rush to start the process, here is an important point to note. Marijuana, unlike cocaine, alcohol or any other drug, takes longer to eliminate from the body. According to scientists, marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which when absorbed by the body, produces byproducts/metabolites (THC-COOH). These metabolites are stored in fat cells. Therefore, it is harder to get THC out of your body compared to byproducts of other drugs, which leave the body faster.

Having said that, let us explore the methods of detoxification

Methods of detoxification

Natural Detoxification

As the name suggests, this method does not involve the use of any human-made detoxifiers. It entails quitting and allowing the body to eliminate THC and metabolites. It is the slowest method and the duration required for complete detoxification depends on how much you use. Keeping in mind that metabolites have a half-life of 7 days, if you smoke once in a while, it will take the body 2-4 weeks to detoxify naturally. If you are a regular user (say several times a week) it could take around 45 days. For everyday users, it takes 90 or more days to detoxify naturally.

Using Detoxification Products

Complete detoxification with these products takes 3-6 days. There are many useful detoxification products in the market. If you want to detoxify totally within a week, these are ideal for you.

Using Same Day Cleansers

This is the best method to use if you are pressed for time, and you want to pass a drug test. Same day cleansers clean out metabolites in the urinary tract meaning that your urine sample will be clean for 24 hours and no metabolites will be detected within those 24 hours.

Things to Keep in Mind When Detoxifying

Body Size Matters

Before you begin marijuana detoxification, it is important to note that different body sizes respond differently to detoxification. As earlier mentioned, fat cells store metabolites. The more the body fat, the more the metabolites stored. A person with a low BMI will, as a result, detoxifies marijuana faster than a person with a high BMI.

Water Does Not Speed Up Detoxification

Water only dilutes your urine for a few hours. Therefore, excessive intake will not help reduce the metabolites in your body. Too much water makes your urine colorless, and labs may get suspicious of clear urine because it only points to one thing, dilution! If you are using dilution to pass a drug test, take Vitamin B. It will make your urine yellow.

As you detoxify, remember that you are prone to face a lot of physical, psychological and emotional stress, commonly known as withdrawal symptoms. Battle these symptoms with physical exercise and remember to drink enough water to strengthen your system. Happy detoxification to you!