Everyone deserves the minimally invasive techniques to decreases pain and length of recovery for any hip injury. Below is brief overview of common surgical solutions we carry out daily.

Hip Arthroscopy

This is another minimally invasive procedure where a tiny camera lets the surgeon see inside of the knee joint. During this procedure, the orthopedic surgeons will use small tools to mend the bone or joint. This procedure consists of fewer incisions, much less scarring, less chance of development of an infection, greater specificity, and of course cost savings.

Hip Resurfacing

A patient with arthritis that is advanced and who has gone through all non-surgical treatment and therapy may be the perfect candidate for resurfacing of the hip. This is a procedure that involves the surgeon trimming and then capping the ball of femur with a covering that is smooth metal. Since it is less invasive than a complete replacement, it does offer the active adults a much faster way to resume their active lifestyles.

Total Hip Replacement

During a complete hip replacement, the total point of the hip is exchanged with a prosthesis or artificial joint (prosthesis). Even with this surgery being a modification that is major, our surgeons at Onward Orthopedic can perform this as minimally invasive for those patients who qualify.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Is another minimally invasive procedure where a very small camera allows the surgeon to see inside your joint. During the procedure, the surgeon can use small tools to repair damaged cartilage with your joint. This procedure makes diagnosis, treatment and recovery from surgery easier.

Rotator Cuff Repair

With an injury to the rotator cuff, it may need to be surgically repaired. This might include shaving off any bone spurs that pinch the shoulder, or repair torn tendons or muscles in that shoulder. Surgical techniques that a tear include arthroscopy, open surgery, or a combination of both. The goal of repair surgery is to aid the restoration and the flexibility and function of the shoulder and relieve the pain that can’t be controlled by other treatments.

Shoulder replacement

With a replacement of the shoulder, the surgeon can replace the ball (partial replacement) or both the socket and ball (total replacement). This procedure is a major modification, our Onward Orthopedic surgeons can be performed it as a minimally invasive surgery for those patients who qualify.