Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase is one of the important enzymes in our body which deals with some of the primary functions of our body. Scientists said that the failure or malfunctioning of Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase have the ability to shut down the entire chemical activity within our body as it deals directly with the primary chemical component of our body which is nothing but the DNA. Deficiency of MTHFR enzyme will lead to many mind related diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

MTHFR gene test is conducted to identify the mutations in the enzyme as the mutated genes will cause the methyl deficiency. This can be done by MTHFR gene test. This system gene test will be conducted by using major chemical reagents which will react up to the notable extent. The reaction courses will be noted seriously as the conclusion it provide will been life changing for the person. The lack of MTHFR in our body can turn the world upside down. But the proper MTHFR treatment and diagnosing it with care will help the person to regain normal and correct level of it.

The MTHFR tests will be conducted for new born babies. A complete screening of new born babies will give us some conclusions. The reason is that the gene content for the baby is shared from their parents directly. A new born baby will not get affected by external factors suddenly after its birth. So finding the MTHFR presence of the baby will help the physician to diagnose it in future.  Pregnant ladies are also tested as they are the major contributor for the baby in terms of physical and chemical content of the foetus. If the women are affected by mutated genes then she should be diagnosed seriously as she can be able to transmit the disease and deficiency directly to the baby which will be very worse in future of the baby.