The torture of being overweight

I don’t know other overweight people think of their obesity. But for me, it was like a shadow that covered every aspect in my life. Wherever I went, whatever I did, people saw my excess fat before my inner self. I felt like the excess fat was me.

I have some problems with my heart that prevent me from doing exercise. I can do the very light one, though. So, I can’t work out to lose weight. I exercise every day, but it only helps to keep me at a particular weight.

It was a hopeless situation. I wanted to lose weight so that people would look at me, not my size. I wanted to wear the “normal” clothes instead of those ugly big size clothes. Fashion brands do not care that much about designing decent clothing for big size customers. They are all black, plain, no curve.

My weight loss experience

I then tried weight loss tea, many kinds of them. It ended up terribly. Some didn’t work at all, just like normal tea. Some made me throw up or go to WC multiple times a day. It was more like they are trying to push everything out of my body to make me lose weight. It was like they are pushing energy out of my body. I was fatigued all day long and can’t concentrate on my work.

I read a post of someone who told people what she did to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. She worked out a lot. Yeah, I can’t follow. She followed a strict diet plan. I tried but failed several times. She used weight loss pills. Will it end up like the tea?


My story with PhenQ

She said that it was the best diet pills for women she had tried after years of trying to lose weight. After my own experience with some weight loss solutions, I doubted everything. I did my own research one PhenQ, the product the woman has referred to.

It is an over the counter weight loss pills, so it seems safe. The ingredient list is promising. Its features include suppressing appetite, increasing energy level, and controlling the store of fat. It is not so expensive. Eventually, I bought one bottle to try. I also included a diet plan into my strategy.

The pills worked! After many failures, I couldn’t believe that it worked. I felt hungry less, and I ate less. But I didn’t feel tired at all. My light exercise seems to burn more fat than before. Every week, I can see the changes in my body.

After three months, I lost 31.5 pounds. That is the figure I never dared to dream of. When I take PhenQ, I didn’t have any side effect. That is rare in the market of diet pills.

Now as I reach my ideal weight and can maintain it with my diet plan and exercise, I’m not taking PhenQ, but I always recommended it to my family and friends. I have a joke that I tell everyone: If the company gave me some commission, I must be rich now.