Dermal fillers can undoubtedly freshen your look by improving your smile. It doesn’t matter if you want something subtle and natural looking or bold, big luscious lips, here are some tips to help you get the best results.

Don’t aim too high

An injector will start the consultation by asking you what look you want to achieve with lip fillers, then he/she will give you advice on what your options are in order to help you achieve your realistic goals based on what’s best suited for your face. Just remember that you will most likely need more than just one lip filler treatment session; generally, its best to change lip size over 2-3 treatments.

Plan ahead

Generally, most patients experience some bruising and swelling following lip augmentation — this is entirely common, and these side effects usually take up to 48 hours to subside.

Prepare for a bruising

To prevent bruising, you should stop taking blood thinners like painkillers, fish oil and Vitamin E, 10 days before your lip filler treatment. The good news is, Arnica ointment can also help speed up or avoid the bruising process.

Reverse it

Dermal fillers have come a long way — and most treatments are reversible. In fact, almost all of the injectable products are non-permanent. Even if you love the results of your treatment, your face changes as you age and we’ll need to reassess your treatment strategy; as a result, to keep you looking naturally good. All lip filler treatments are reversible because your body will gradually break down and absorb the filler over time.

Bigger isn’t always better

Large lips don’t suit every face. And, let’s face it, it would be boring if we all looked the same. Your qualified injector will work with you so that your results are natural looking and proportionate with the rest of your facial features.

Make smaller lips sexy

If you’re saving up for a lip filler treatment, there is something you can do in the meantime to enhance your cupid’s bow. All you need is a highlighter around the corners of your lips, and you’ll get an instant lip lift. You can even use a lip pencil to add extra volume to your lip body — just remember to blend and keep it subtle.

Big gains no pain

Lip filler injections are minimally invasive and over in just minutes. By using a thin needle, even sensitive areas like the lips can experience minimal to no discomfort. Esteem Medi Spa lip fillers are blended with a local anaesthetic to cut down on injection pain, plus we can apply a topical anaesthetic to numb your skin. If you’re really pain sensitive, your injector might also give you a local anaesthetic injection before your treatment.