Western medicine is money driven industry. It is the largest money making industry in the world. Huge amount of money has been and is being poured in this industry each and every day. From research to manpower to machine power everywhere money is spent to get back a good profit. Large hospitals create big bills for the patients because of the blessings of the Western medicine. The marketing they do from doctor to doctor for prescribing their drugs and the offers they give to doctors will prove to you how much they spend on each medicine and at last the patients have to pay for the medicine including the profit the company is making from it. So, it’s a true money making industry. They even try to convince the US Food and Drug Association for the approval of their drug so that they can do business over it.

Ayurveda is a lifestyle; it is also a philosophy that can keep you fit naturally. It is the way your ancestor once lived and they were healthy and fit as on that time to survive people had to be hardworking. There was lots of physically demanding work like farming, rearing cattle, forging and so on. The environment was purer there were no pollution and there were no GMO or other artificially enhanced food. And then there was Ayurveda. The completely nature based medicine could do wonders and it still can if given the opportunity. And modern science has began to realize this fact which is why more research is being done on Ayurveda and humans are going back to their roots so to speak.

Benefits of Ayurveda in today’s context?

Ayurvedic medicines are made from herbs. They do not have serious side-effects and Ayurveda also recommends lifestyle change. Medical conditions which are very common these days like cancers, osteoporosis, diabetes etc can only be controlled by Western medicines making you a permanent customer of a company. In conditions like cancers, the treatment is very costly and the Western medications can help you out if you are in the early stages. Whereas, in Ayurveda you can be treated from those dangerous diseases if you are treated rightly and it has proven to be more effecting in extending the life expectancy of a cancer patient even in the later stages of the disease. These days researches are going on for Ayurveda medicines and scientists are making successful breakthroughs in modernizing this ancient art. And many reliable Ayurvedic Products Exporter can be found.