Fast foods or packet foods like chips are unhealthy snacks, but it is the most common way to snack for everyone. Modern day life is hectic and people do not have time to eat properly. So, it is noticed that they often go after processed foods for a quick bite, chips being the regular snack. They contain carbs that speed up gaining weight and have no nutritional value at all. But that notion needs to break. Chips can be healthy as well as highly nutritious and beneficial for losing weight.

There are numerous protein chips available in the market. These are as crunchy as regular potato chips but wholesome and nourishing.  Packed with extra protein, it can be a snack that one craves for a quick bite. Each company is coming up with a new variety to upgrade and keep the competition going. These chips are available in numerous flavours, including cheese, cheddar, potato, barbecue, cinnamon, almonds, shapes and sizes.


Protein chips by Health smart is a great example of a healthy snack. A packet of chips provides five grams of fibre and ten grams of protein respectively. They have a zesty ranch flavour devoid of any gluten, lactose, sucralose, aspartame and dairy free. Moreover, they are low in carbohydrates and fats but have a big and fulfilling taste.  It is still advisable to check the ingredients before buying a packet.

Quests chips are another nourishing delicious snack that is fitted for a diet. The quest is keen on maintaining its nutritional profile, which has 120 grams of calories, a high-quality protein of 21 grams and less fat and carbs, around 2 grams and 5 grams, respectively. It contains a blend of protein, consisting of whey protein isolates and milk protein isolates, as the major ingredient along with corn starch, oil and shredded potatoes. The chips are light and crunchy and have a mouth-watering taste unlike other healthy chips. It comes in three flavours: i.e. BBQ, sea salt and cheddar and sour cream. Strong flavours are indeed lip-smacking. All in all, they are addictive and nutritious.


A packet of chips will always be a processed food, however much the nutritional value is. Just because it has a whopping 21 grams of protein, its value can never be compared to the amount of protein a single piece of fish or meat can provide.