Heart is one of the main organs of the human body. Make it a point that you opt for the best heart surgery hospital in India as some of the best surgeons have gone on to set up base there. They have better outcomes with complications being on the zero side. With a top notch hospital the post recovery period also appears to be on the better side. Let us now figure out the various traits associated with the phase of recovery. For sure this would help you to be in better physical space and able to recover better

The first phase of recovery would go on to take around 6 to 8 weeks. Once you are released from the hospital you are handed over a set of post-operative care instructions.


Ensure that the wound which the surgeon has made is clean and at the same time dry. In most cases you might be able to take a bath or a shower within a few days. Do get in touch with your doctor if you have any signs of infection. This would mean

  • The edges are pulling apart
  • Warmth or redness around the region of the cut
  • More oozing or drainage than the usual self
  • If you are suffering from high temperature.

Just get in touch with your doctor if you feel that the breast bone would shift, if it cracks or is on the move.

Pain relief

Before you leave the hospital the doctor is going to prescribe you pain relief medicines. There is going to be a degree of discomfort in your muscles or the region of cut. All this are normal and this would not go on to hurt as it did before the surgery

In case if you have had opted for a bypass surgery, the legs are going to hurt more than the chest. This would be if the surgeon goes on to use leg veins in the form of grafts. The stiffness or soreness would fade with the passage of time. You can opt a gentle amount of exercise.

Driving and activity

In the first 6 to 8 weeks gradually build up your activity levels in the form of undertaking household chores. They include

  • Do not stand in a single place for more than 15 minutes at a single stretch
  • Do not go on to lift things that are more than 10 pounds
  • Do not push or lift heavy things

Make it a point that you walk every day and follow the instructions that is suggested by your cardiac specialist. Till the point you have been told do not climb stairs.

The doctor will advise you on when you can drive again. This normally happens within a month or so after the surgery. It could also be sooner if the surgeon did undertake the operation with a small cut. You might not have to drive as a passenger.


Healthy eating choices contribute a lot to the phase of recovery. The doctor is going to guide you on whether you need to keep away from specific things. Once the surgery is over you might not feel like eating for some time. Opt for smaller meals rather than heavy meals. If your appetite does not return back within a few days get in touch with your doctor.

Emotional state of affairs

After a heart surgery it is obvious to be sad or blue. But all these feelings should go after a few days. If they still persist you might have to get in touch with your doctor. In order to pep up your spirits

  • Dress yourself everyday
  • Go for a walk daily
  • Engage in social activities or pick up new hobbies
  • Sharing whatever is in your mind with others
  • A night of good sleep is needed

Your visits should be limited to 15 minutes at first. Once you are going to feel stronger and less tired you can spend more time with your near and dear ones. It does make sense to join a support group

Rest along with sleep

A lot of people do face sleep deprivation once a heart surgery is over. But there is no need to worry as you might be able to get back to the normal sleep pattern within just a few days. If pain is waking you up take your pain medications half an hour before you head to bed. So that you find yourself in a comfortable position arrange the pillows as well.

After activity you might have to take rest, but avoid taking a lot of naps during the course of the day. During the times of evening avoid coffee, caffeine, chocolate or soda.

Set up a bed time routine like listening to some relaxing music when you are sleeping. The body will be given vital cues that it is the time to sleep .Just get in touch with your doctor if sleep is has a change in your behaviour or mood patterns

Why opt for the best doctors when it comes to heart surgery?

Heart is one of the complex organs of the human body. Taking utmost care of it is important as your entire life depends on it. There would be no compromise in this regard and always opt for the best heart surgeons in the business. India is indeed blessed to have some of the best heart surgeons of the world. Most of them have links up with the top notch hospitals of the country. Unlike their western counterparts these surgeons are not made about money. They give a patient hearing to the problem of the patients and give them an opinion. Most times surgery would not be the only option as alternative courses of treatment could work out as well.

Most of the surgeons have gone on to study in the elite class of institutes and then they have come back to India to showcase their skills. Even the doctors who practice in India are of the highest standards as well.