Lavender oil is the most widely used essential oil worldwide these days though its benefits were discovered more than 2,500 years ago. As this oil has potent antioxidant, sedative, antimicrobial, antidepressive, and calming properties, it is used for cosmetically as well as therapeutically for many centuries. The Egyptians used it both as a perfume and mummification. Modern and the earlier aromatherapy advocate its use for its antibacterial properties. The stem and the leaves of this plant were used in preparing extracts against rheumatism and digestive system diseases. The Romans used it for cooking, bathing, and air-purification. In the Bible, this oil was used as an aromatic for healing.

This oil has a sweet, fresh, and a floral aroma that is refreshing and soothing. Every house has this oil because of its versatility. It can boost energy and stamina and is greatly regarded for beauty as well as skin. You can apply this oil gently on the skin, and it is a must-have oil when you begin to use the essential oils. Science is evaluating the benefits of this essential oil, though several pieces of evidence provide its considerable capabilities. If you are looking out for the answer “where to buy lavender oil?” then the best solution is online.

Benefits for major and minor ailments

Free radicals such as pollutants, chemicals, and toxins are dangerous and a common risk factor for every type of disease. These free radicals cause body damage as well as breaks down your immune system. The body to tackle these free radicals creates the antioxidant enzymes like catalase and glutathione. However, if the body becomes antioxidant deficient, then it becomes exposed to toxins. Lavender oil acts as a natural antioxidant and helps in preventing and reversing disease. Many studies have reported that this oil helps in naturally reversing diabetes. It gives protection to the body against the symptoms of diabetes.

If you want to use this oil for preventing diabetes, then apply it to your chest and neck topically or use it as a supplement. It has got antimicrobial properties and therefore, it is used to prevent infections and fight the fungal and bacterial disorders. This oil is also known to speed up the healing process that occurs because of cuts, wounds, and scrapes. If you are struggling with migraine headaches or tension, then this oil is the perfect natural remedy that you are looking for. It relieves stress and induces relaxation. It performs as an anti-anxiety, sedative, calming, and anticonvulsant agent.

Boasts flavor in recipes

Lavender oil is edible and works as a flavor enhancer in teas, muffins, and salad dressings. As its taste is highly influential, you must use a little amount of it. Just add one or two drops of this oil for boosting its flavor. It pairs well with pure honey, dark cocoa, cranberries, lemon, apples, and black pepper. If you don’t know where to buy lavender oil from then you should do proper research, of you can also buy it from the online vendors who sell it. However, always ensure to buy a good quality brand, which will be organic and of therapeutic grade.