Taking measures to encourage smokers to become ‘ vapers ‘ in the next decade could prevent 6.6 million premature deaths in the United States alone.

Smoking Is Bad, Very Bad, For Health

Tobacco is the leading risk factor for premature death. So, the first step that any smoker who wants to enjoy a long and healthy life should take is to quit. But it is not always easy. Hence the importance of the ‘options’ available to help smokers quit, especially the increasingly popular CBD vape pen electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

And it is that the studies that show that ‘ vaping ‘ is much less harmful than smoking and that, also, these products are useful to stop once and for all the consumption of traditional cigarettes, are undoubtedly numerous.

But does the exchange of tobacco for e-cigarettes have any real benefits in terms of public health? You are right. And very remarkable. A study conducted by researchers at the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC (USA) shows that this change would save many millions of lives, and directly.

As explained by David Levy, director of this research published in the journal” Tobacco Control “, ” even our bleakest analysis shows a significant gain in years of life if nicotine is obtained from vaping instead of the higher amount of lethal toxic products inhaled with tobacco.

Years Of Life Gained

To carry out the study, the authors designed two different scenarios or ‘projections’. The first, described as ‘optimistic’, stated that the prevalence of smokers in the United States fell to 5% in 10 years, the reason for this decrease being the change in the pattern of consumption: e-cigarettes for Traditional tobacco and how the most effective method to quit smoking.

Consequently, the number of smokers who, over the decade, would become ‘vapers’ would amount to 6.6 million.

A ‘transition’ that, as the model concludes and taking into account the differences in damage to the organism that result from smoking or vaping, would reduce the number of premature deaths by these 6.6 million. Specifically, the number of years of life gained would rise to 86.7 million.