Nowadays, many essential oils are available for sale and they all have its very own character and qualities. One of these is Roman lavender acrylic, that is removed from Anthemis Nobilis also referred to as sweet and garden lavender. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic qualities and that’s why it’s acquired wide recognition. There’s without doubt that acrylic of lavender is effective. Thus, you should use good brand oil that really works. doTERRA Roman Lavender oil is renowned for its effective effect. It is among the best essential oils because it is completely organic and natural.

Important Qualities of Roman Lavender Oil

Roman lavender oil is obvious blue colored. Also, it features a sweet apple-like aroma with a few watery viscosity. This acrylic comes from the lavender flowers through the approach to steam distillation. The therapeutic qualities of the Roman lavender oil are antiseptic, anti-depressant, antibiotic, cicatrisant, bactericidal and anti-infectious. Furthermore, it’s also utilized in different skincare remedies and skin items like creams due to its natural qualities. It’s accustomed to remove skin breakouts, eczema, scratchy skin, dried-out skin, wounds, along with other allergic conditions of your skin. It’s combined with massage oils, lotions, and creams to provide more benefits. It mixes well along with other skin-friendly oils like lavender, sage and rose. Roman lavender oil can be used for a lot of reasons and a few of their important uses are talked about below:

Aroma therapy

Aroma therapy is the clear way of healing and dealing with various health insurance and skin problems. It uses various essential oils. And, acrylic of lavender is considered among the most known and efficient essential oils utilized in aroma therapy.


Roman lavender oil is also utilized in various cosmetic items because of its soothing qualities. It’s utilized in various creams, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners and much more.


It’s analgesic, antibiotic, antiseptic, digestive, anti-depressant, anti-infectious, stomachic, bactericidal qualities and can be used as different illnesses.

Acrylic of lavender continues to be demonstrated extremely effective and helpful in healing and curing problems like hair thinning, boils, stress, nausea, sunburns, stomach pain, joint disease, wounds, breakouts, toothaches, gallbladder problems, allergic reactions, throat infection, bronchial asthma, digestion, fever as well as other skin problems. Additionally, lavender acrylic is absorbed through the body by vapor therapy or by massaging.

Chemical composition of Roman lavender oil is really as follows:

Ester content



  • Pinocarveol
  • Bisabolol
  • Camphene
  • Azulene
  • Myrcene

Purchasing Tips

While purchasing this acrylic, it’s suggested to buy the highest quality product because a substandard product can impact the negatively. And, make sure that the vendor is reliable and reputed.


It’s absolutely correct that Roman lavender oil is mild and non-toxic. But nonetheless, there might be options that it may be dangerous when consumed excessively quantity. Women that are pregnant must avoid using this acrylic. Last, although not minimal you shouldn’t forget to see a counselor to prevent undesirable situations.