According to dentists, you should get your wisdom teeth out. However, these teeth don’t hurt, but why do they say to get wisdom teeth removed? Nowadays, oral surgery performed for removing wisdom teeth is standard practice. It is considered as the right passage for young people. Nevertheless, it is not always needed.

What are the Preventive Measures?

Just because your wisdom teeth do not cause any pain, it doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong with the growth of those teeth. This means your wisdom teeth cannot break through the jaw line and grow like other teeth in your mouth. This might be because your jaw is too small to make room for the wisdom teeth. Hence those teeth could be growing at different angles other teeth to the adjacent teeth or second molars. These teeth can also damage the second molars if they keep pushing against them.

This is why some dentists suggest wisdom teeth removal Sydney of healthier teeth for preventing problems in the future. As you grow old, the jawbone in your mouth will also start to get harder. This can make wisdom teeth harder to remove.

Waiting longer can cause complications after the removal, which can range from severe numbness to heavy bleeding and minor loss of jaw movement. These problems can last from a few days to a lifetime.

When should I get wisdom teeth removal Sydney?

You should invest in affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney when these teeth cause problems in your mouth. Also, when an x-ray shows that it is down the line these teeth need to be pulled out. Not convinced yet? There are some good reasons why wisdom teeth removal is required.

  • Damage to adjacent teeth wisdom: Wisdom teeth or the third molars can push the adjacent teeth around, causing bite problems and mouth pain.
  • Jaw damage: Chances are cyst can form around the wisdom teeth. If these teeth are not removed, they can damage and hollow out your jawbone.
  • Sinus problems: Wisdom teeth problems can cause sinus pressure, pain and congestion.
  • Inflamed gum: Tissues around the wisdom teeth can swell and might be hard for cleaning.
  • Cavities of wisdom teeth: The swollen gums around wisdom teeth can create pockets in between wisdom teeth and the second molars, which can help bacteria in the mouth to grow and multiply and develop cavities.
  • Alignment problems: Impacted wisdom teeth can crowd other teeth and make it necessary to get teeth straightening treatment. Looking at the shape of your mouth and the position of wisdom tooth, the dentist will make a decision. Your age also plays a role.

Are you still not ready to undergo cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney? Ask your dentist to explain what he sees when examining your wisdom teeth. In most cases, chances are you can wait for months to see if things can change before making a decision. However, if you notice swelling, have pain, or a bad odour near the back of your mouth, it might be time for wisdom teeth removal.