Keeping your teeth healthy does not seem to be a very difficult task – all you have to do is brush your teeth regularly and floss often. However, things may not be as simple as you might think because some seemingly healthy habits that improve your overall health may not be good for your teeth and make you look for dental implants and procedures like all on 4 dental implants. Here are some common habits that may be good for your health but damage your pearly whites.

Brushing after Each Meal

Many dental experts say you should brush your teeth after each meal, and it helps keep your teeth healthy in most cases. However, you need to understand that regular brushing is important but so is your brushing timing.  You are going to hurt your teeth if you brush after eating something acidic like tomatoes or oranges. The reason is that acidic food directly affects your tooth enamel and makes it soft and vulnerable to damage. When you brush after eating such food, you expose your teeth to a high risk of experiencing abrasive wear. The damage may be serious if you are used to brushing your teeth quite forcefully. Brushing your teeth often after eating acidic food may be the reason why your teeth feel extremely sensitive. The best thing is to wait for at least half an hour after eating anything acidic to brush your teeth. Waiting this long is important because it gives your saliva a chance to lower the acidic of the oral environment.

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Taking Medications that Cause Dry Mouth

As mentioned already, your saliva helps maintain the right pH in your mouth, so it is important to take steps to avoid a dry mouth. A dry mouth also promotes the growth of odor-causing bacteria, which can also cause serious damage to your teeth. The problem is that you may have to take many medications to treat certain health conditions, but those medications come with a side effect of dry mouth. Many medications like pain meds and antidepressants can reduce saliva flow and increase your risk of developing serious dental issues. In case you think your meds are causing a dry mouth, be sure to talk to your doctor and discuss it with your dentist as well to find a better treatment plan.

Exercising with No Dental Protection

Exercising is good for your overall health, and there are no two ways around that. However, the thing is that not taking certain precautionary measures while exercising can increase your risk of developing dental health problems. Certain physical activities and sports, such as martial arts or ice hockey can cause irreversible damage to your teeth; therefore, wearing a mouth guard is of great importance. You should also bear in mind that intense exercise can make you feel dehydrated and affect the quality of your saliva, which in turn will increase your risk of experiencing tooth decay and other problems.

So, keep all these points in mind and educate yourself about what you should or should not do to keep your teeth healthy. When in doubt, be sure to talk to your dentist for advice.