Nowadays outdoor fitness parks are a trend, and in almost every city there are a few outdoor fitness parks. But every outdoor fitness park isn’t successful in delivering what they intend to deliver. If you want to build an outdoor fitness park you need to plan it right; else it will end up as an empty, abandoned space.

Let’s see a few things that you need to plan out to see your outdoor fitness park come true and running:

  • You should know for whom you are planning for

If you know how to design a public place, this is almost a similar job to do. First, you have to think out who are you planning to get in the park. If the park is situated at the center of the city, it will serve for people of all age, or you only plan for kids or senior citizens. A lot of companies when building a fitness park neglect thinking about the users who will use the fitness park. They try to make their park a lucrative one depending on the price they want to spend. But you need to know who is going to visit the park to make it useful for the society. And relevant to who will visit the park, you should ask the designer to design the park accordingly.

  • Ask the ones who will be visiting

When you are clear about who will be visiting your park, go and ask the users because they are the ones for whom you are planning the fitness park. You should talk to them to know their choices. Don’t presume what they like and not like, because you will end up being on the wrong side. When you ask the local people, you are going to find that these people have a lot of creative ideas that are going to surprise you. Reach to the locals to know what they would like to be included in the fitness park. Knock their doors and invite them to the meetings.

In most of the cases what happens is that they first complete the construction of the park and then they send letters to invite the residents to come and participate. Make the participation of the locals from the first day of your planning. Many amongst them are going to give you innovative ideas. And when they are involved from the first day, they will also think this project as their own project and will work hard to make it successful.

  • You are making a fitness park, can’t just make it a gym

What you are trying to build is a fitness park, and you hand over a fitness park for the users, it won’t go well with the users. Your fitness park should have a proper place for the users, outdoor fitnessgeräte and lots of spaces having several other options to do in the park.

The way of attracting public is by giving them a lot of options; the public needs a few reasons to be there in the park. Outdoor gyms also have to deal with that; else the crowd will slowly dry up. When there are a lot of people around doing a lot of stuff, then your park is going to be successful. People like others to see them and also, they need to see others. An empty outdoor gym will look like almost an indoor gym if it is empty.

You got to put two things together, like the hardcore sports people or muscle builders has a separate area, but also keep a place for families, children, elderly, and casual trainers. You can adjust a basketball hoop and a playing space in even a small park.

Make sure that you these things:

  • Horizontal bars as fitness equipment and can be also used to play
  • Hopscotch court for doing jumps and push-ups
  • Calisthenics equipment placed on rubber surface so when children climb on they will remain safe if they fall off it.
  • Beautiful attracts everyone, so make your park beautiful

Though everyone won’t be satisfied, still try to make your fitness park as interesting and intriguing as you can. Make it colorful.