Stanozolol indeed can be a very good option for quick weight loss, but is that the safest way to lose weight, you need to question yourself? Well, it would not be horrible in terms of side effects, but yes it would lead to some negative side effects if not used properly. Many of the side effects would probably revolve around genetic response. Some people respond to certain things than others, this fact hold true with steroids or any other product for that matter.

Let’s understand the effects of Steroids under various categories:

  • It may result in menstrual abnormalities and infertility, you may experience lesser number of periods, unusual premenstrual symptoms or heavier or lighter menstrual flow. These conditions directly indicate on the infertility.
  • There can be seen a lot of masculine effects, such as there may be deeper voice, increase in facial or body hair. It may cause unusual baldness and may reduce the breast size in women.
  • Some people also experience various emotional issues like depression, anxiety, hostility, mood swings, anxiousness, etc. Some others also claim that they feel too powerful and invincible, which again is the emotional factor more than physical.
  • Besides menstrual changes and appearance, steroids can cause severe acne, bloating or water retention, sexual disorders, unhealthy cholesterol levels and liver disorders. High cholesterol due to steroids can also give rise to severe cardiovascular conditions.
  • Taking steroids while breast feeding and during pregnancy can negatively affect foetal development.
  • It also leads to specific health problem in women such as digestive problem, discomfort or swelling of the lower abdomen, stomach problem, gas, chronic constipation and water retention.
  • Vaginal discharge also increases and the body begins to give out unpleasant smell.
  • Muscle cramping and head ache also would be few of the side effects.

All in all to conclude, Stanozolol definitely would help in increasing their competitive abilities, increase metabolism by improving water retention, but we cannot ignore the Warning about the Side Effects that it causes on human body if not taken according to the prescribed form by the dieticians.

Though steroids was once used primarily for body builders, today many men and women from various walks of life use it for various reasons. The composition in its natural state is not ideal for such a hormonal environment. There are some potential effects associated with such a state. Effects on females can be even more pronounced and rapid than in male steroids users.