Nothing quite stings like the thought of being forced to succumb to a drug test. The mere paranoia that the thought brings about could be seemingly overwhelming, to say the least. More so when it’s supposed to decide the fate of a capable employee and in a way determines the way that the employee’s future will soar depending on the results. In this article, we are going to explore all there is to know about synthetic urine and how one can keep it warm for purposes of a drug test. But first, let us have a sneak peek into some facts surrounding the issue.

  1. The reason why most people fail drug tests when they use synthetic urine comes down to the incorrect temperature of the sample.
  2. The temperature of the sample should be tested within four minutes of submission.
  3. If by any chance the samples are not submitted within an hour, they have to be put under refrigeration.

How to keep synthetic urine warm before a drug screening test

  • Warm the urine inside a microwave

Microwave warming is probably the oldest trick in the book and although it’s quite tricky, it can get you the kind of results that you aspire to have, if done in the right manner. The secret is to ensure that you avoid heating the sample too much, so as to ensure that you don’t end up destroying the urine, and avoid failing to heat it long enough, so that that the sample doesn’t exhibit signs of being heat tested when you submit it.


  • Put the urine sample in a plastic container.
  • Set the microwave for around 8 to 12 seconds depending on the power of your microwave.
  • Check the temperature to ensure it doesn’t go over and above what is required.

  • Use hand warmers to keep the urine warm

If you don’t have any priors regarding drug testing, then you are probably asking yourself what in the world hand warmers are. Well, simply put they are an easy way of regulating and heating the temperature of your sample urine before the examination.


  • Wrap a hand warmer around the container holding the urine sample and secure it tightly.

  • Make use of heating pads

Otherwise known as the number one solution for keeping your urine sample nice and warm as is required, heating pads happen to be miniature disposable packets that can be heated by hand and used in generating heat to your sample. You can use them to wrap the container and use tape to tightly secure it. Often times the heating pads come with optimal heater packs that help keep the temperature regulated and make the whole process less complicated in the long run.

Synthetic urine is no doubt becoming more popular over time and more so because it works well when it comes to helping individuals ace their drug test screening. And if used right manner it might even be undetectable by the laboratory and end up saving you a lot of havoc in the long run. Nonetheless, it is vital to ensure that you follow all the instructions as should be, taking care not to do too much nor too little in handling the sample.