Our teeth become discoloured with age as we grow older due to several factors such as eating and drinking habits, genes and tobacco use. This doesn’t mean that you have to live with discoloured teeth, the whole lifetime. There are some teeth whitening techniques that help you restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Techniques

There are three common types of teeth whitening techniques available to clean your stained teeth.

  • In-chair Whitening
  • At-home Whitening
  • Over-the-counter Products

In-chair Whitening

In-chair teeth whitening in Melbourne is done in a dental office by an experienced dentist. This method is also called as zoom whitening or laser whitening. They use stronger peroxide gels to clean your teeth and use some specific kind of light which helps to activate the gel. The significance of getting in-chair teeth whitening is the fast. Since they are using the strong peroxide gel for teeth whitening the results are quick and much instant.

The in-chair teeth whitening get completed in single appointment and take only an hour to achieve the results. The average teeth whitening cost in Melbourne for such treatment option ranges between $600 and $1000.

At-Home Whitening

According to the recent dental reports, inchair whitening is another dentist procedure next to in-chair treatment. Home whitening is done by using custom-made trays, are customised to fit your mouth. The patient can wear this tray either every night or every day for two weeks. Compared to in-chair whitening this method is slower in achieving results.  This method is getting popular nowadays and it does achieve good results.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products

Over-the-counter whitening products are available chemists and super markets and have a little adhesive to stick onto your tooth with the peroxide gel mixed inside the adhesive. But, it is not a good move to consider since it doesn’t have the special customised trays and result in only 80% of the tooth has being whitened.

Why In-chair Treatment is considered to be the Safest Option?

During an in-chair treatment, your dentist gets a chance to inspect your teeth and recommend the best teeth whitening treatment option for you. Here we have listed the common reasons for getting a professional teeth whitening.

Improved Gum Health

An experienced dentist applies the teeth whitening gel or other product professionally over your teeth in such a way that it does not damage your gum line. If your dentist uses high concentration of teeth whitening gel, then the higher will be your risk for gum irritation. Most of the dentists use some kind of protective equipment to prevent damage to the gums.

Teeth Sensitivity

The common side-effect of using a tooth whitening product is that it causes teeth sensitivity. Consulting a dentist before applying a teeth whitening product is necessary to minimise further sensitivity or discomfort during treatment. Some dentists apply a high concentration of fluoride a few days before the treatment to reduce the sensitivity.

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