Cannabis or marijuana is derived from Cannabis sativa. It can be eaten or smoked, and it is available in a variety of drugs like the dried flowers or leaves, or a dark-brown material called hash, and also as potent oil, known as hash oil. The chemical present in the cannabis gives the users a high via its ingredient THC. A vast number of synthetic products that claim to have effects similar to cannabis are available in Australia. Synthetic cannabis comprises of chemicals designed for activating the chemical systems of the brain. These drugs have similar psychological and physical effects related to the cannabis though they may be more harmful.

Medicinal cannabis, on the other hand, indicates the quality assured and approved cannabis products that are prescribed by the doctors. They can treat the side effects of medical treatment or the symptoms of the medical conditions. They are also known to provide pain relief in certain chronic conditions, and they stimulate appetite in sick people. Cannabis Trade Shows are organized on a large scale so that people can understand its use for medicine. The primary objective of these trade shows is to gain complete support and educate people on cannabis use. This way, the barrier between the cannabis and medical communities can be broken.

Smoked cannabis not used for medicinal purposes

Medical cannabis is prescribed mainly for relieving the symptoms of medical conditions like epilepsy. People should know the difference between recreational cannabis and medicinal cannabis. Recreational cannabis is used by people to get high. People who suffer from terminal or chronic illness do not get effective results from conventional medicines, and they do not work as effectively as medicinal cannabis. Moreover, medicinal cannabis can treat the side effects of conventional medicine effectively. Some people say that smoked cannabis must be considered to treat different medical conditions or for curing diseases like cancer.

The smoking cannabis is not allowed for medical conditions. There are two main reasons for it. Firstly, smoking is a harmful way to take cannabis as carcinogenic substances get inhaled into the lungs directly. Health authorities do not advise smoking cannabis because the smoked form has the same 50 carcinogens just like tobacco. Most of the medications are manufactured under strict conditions. Therefore, users and doctors know about it very well, and the doctors can even monitor its effects. However, when recreation cannabis is used for medical purposes, doctors cannot monitor them because they do not know the composition of the cannabis.

Various Cannabis Trade Shows

The Cannabis Trade Shows are dedicated to strengthen and create lifelong partnerships with the upcoming cannabis industry. The mission of these trade shows is providing a global venue where the investors, entrepreneurs, community partners and businesses of cannabis can come together for showcasing their innovations and industrial products. This shall generate business within the marijuana industry via education and community involvement. This way, it can create awareness among people about the usefulness of cannabis and how its legal status can benefit people and society as a whole.